Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Thaw...

Well, the January thaw has set in.

Sidebar: Scientists cannot seem to agree why, but it does occur almost every year in Michigan (maybe elsewhere, but I've never lived "elsewhere.") So, for at least the next 10 days we will be way above the normal temps. And the only precipitation will (might) be in the form of rain.

I support this!!!

It was again damp and dreary on Wednesday. But, warmer!!!

I talked with a co-worker who is at another building. It seems his stepson (he just remarried) has a bed somebody made for him that mimicked Thomas the Train. He said they has posted it on Craig's list (the boy's a little too old for that) and everybody wanted to know if it could fit a twin sized mattress. It couldn't.

So, he said he could extend the headboard and foot board, but asked me (as a woodworker) about extending the mattress slats.

Sidebar: I had to laugh, but didn't. It just reminded me of working as a carpenter, back in the day. All the old timer's used to ask the new guy to get the "board extender" and then laughed at you when you came back, embarrassed as fnck (Yes, I fell for that, too.)

Now, I had to go to Lowe's at lunch (for light bulbs, if you remember) so I said I'd check on 1 x 4's prices, but that I thought it would be cheaper (and safer) to just replace them.

My old cubicle buddy, Michelle, stopped by to say hi and chat for a while.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a grilled chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese and a cup of chicken noodle soup.

Then I went to Lowe's and picked up my light bulbs. I checked and an 8-foot 1 x 4 costs $3.22.

Back at work, it was a long afternoon.

When I finally got home after work, I refilled the bird and squirrel feeder and put out a new suet cake. Then I switched out the kitty litter. Finally, I went in the garage and installed the new light bulb in the garage door opener.

I watched the rest of the news and then made dinner. I adapted a recipe and made a broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche. Well, I made two, actually, since I had two store-bought pie crusts. If you are making two, you will have to double the ingredients like I did.

I preheated the oven to 350 degrees F. I pricked the bottoms of the pie crusts and pre-baked them for 10 minutes (I don't like soggy crusts). Meanwhile I steamed a bag of frozen broccoli florets. I added a chopped onion to my skillet and cooked them slowly until they softened. I added in the broccoli and a teaspoon of minced garlic. I let get warm.

Meanwhile, I beat four eggs. I added them to 1 1/2 cups of milk, one teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper and one tablespoon of melted butter.

I put the broccoli mixture into the pie crusts (on a half-sheet pan) and topped it with 1 1/2 cups of cheddar cheese. I topped that with the milk mixture and baked it for 40 minutes (when the center was set).

Then I cut into one and ate two slices for dinner. It was pretty good!

I turned on the hockey game, but fell asleep watching it.


  1. We're in the midst of our January thaw, as well. We've been in the 70s recently but, unfortunately, it looks like we'll be dropping back to the 60s this coming week. Brr. Quiche sounds delicious!

  2. Yeah, we will be deteriorating weather-wise next Thursday and back to winter.

    Quiche wasn't bad. I usually use cream, but all I had was milk.

    Funny story: I was supposed to meet up with Vicky on Thursday for lunch, so I made the second one for her, her Mom, Evy, and Yanessa. But, she sent me a text late a night, saying she had some problems at home to take of and couldn't make it.

    I figured, okay, I'll just eat it. But after having it Thursday night again (with two pieces still left) I decided I was getting sick of it. So, I took it into work for Courtney and Mike Esper's family. She was thrilled, but forgot it in the fridge when she left after work.

    I remembered it about 20 minutes later. Damn!So, I asked my boss Lenore if she wanted it (didn't want it to sit six days in the fridge). She said sure. Her daughter was coming in this weekend from college (It's just her and her husband at home now) so she said she didn't know when they'd get to it.

    I got a text around 10:00 p.m. that night: "Quiche was awesome, and now its gone."

    I suppose I'll have to make Courtney and Mike something else or I'll never hear the end of it...