Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hump Day

It was 21 degrees Wednesday morning. Which doesn't sound too bad. But, couple that with 10-20 mph winds and snow flurries and it felt damn cold!!!

I went to Big Boy for lunch. The wind pushed me across the parking lot! I was cold and hungry, so I got the veal Parmesan with spaghetti on the side and a small Caesar salad. It was good and (more importantly) WARM.

It snowed off and on all afternoon, with nothing sticking. It was just a light, powdery snow.

When I got home, I treated the cat and got a glass of cranberry juice. I was drinking that and looking out the kitchen window. Holy crap! A big branch had come down from one of the maples out back and the heavy end was on the shed roof!!!

I hadn't changed clothes yet, so I put all my stuff back on (scarf, hat, gloves and pea coat) and went out back. I got the branch off and checked both inside and outside. It didn't look like it damaged the roof, but it put a good-sized dent in the gutter.

Back inside, I changed clothes and watched the news. When it ended at 7:00 p.m., I made dinner. I heated up a can of Wolf brand chili. I was going to top it with some shredded sharp cheddar. But when I opened the cheese drawer, I found a block of aged New York extra sharp cheddar I'd bought last time I was at Westborn. So, I cut a few slices off that and ate it between spoonfuls of chili. Excellent!

I didn't see anything interesting on TV, so I read in bed until I fell asleep.


  1. You just can't branches are killin your shed. Sorry John

  2. I know! Seriously, that is my biggest fear - that a large branch will come crashing down on the shed or (worse yet) the house.

  3. Glad to hear the roof survived.

  4. @ Jake: me too. I love that shed! Best thing I ever did.