Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Saturday Story

I woke up at my normal 5:30 a.m. time on Saturday. I found it had snowed overnight, but with not the 3-7 inches they had predicted. I'm guessing it was more like 2-3 inches here in Redford. And, the snow had moved on, except for north of 8-Mile.

Sidebar: we still have the threat of snow/freezing rain/rain this afternoon. But, the big snow storm seems to have passed us by.

I watched the news until 10:00 a.m. Then I made brunch: scrambled eggs. This time I added a splash of  Worcestershire sauce. I'm not sure exactly where I read it or saw it, but it is supposed to add a bit of umami, and it did. I really liked it!

Sidebar: Now if I could just pronounce Worcestershire, LOL!

I did some minor housework after I shaved, showered and dressed (I was feeling lazy today).

Next, I wrapped three small packages with three huge rolls of wrapping paper.

Sidebar: When did they stop selling those little squares of flat Christmas wrapping paper, anyway?

Then I went back to the Christmas cards. I had five left to do when my daughter, Melissa, called around 4:00 p.m. We didn't talk long (they had a Christmas dinner to go to) but long enough.

I was sitting on the couch, chatting with her when I saw the mail truck stop at my mailbox and then drive away. Damn!

So, after we hung up. I finished the last of the cards. Then I put my jacket on (the temps have been rising all day and it was a balmy 27 degrees) and went to the Post Office.

Backstory: Last weekend when I went out in the deep snow, I noticed the road plow had blocked in my mailbox (as well as my driveway). I put the truck in 4-wheel drive and walked through it. But the Post Office won't deliver mail to a blocked off mailbox. Luckily, there was a guy plowing out the townhouses (and using my ditch to dump all the snow). So, I pulled next to him and got out. He said, "I'm sorry for pushing all the snow in your ditch, but I got nowhere else to push it." I said, "No, that's not what I stopped for. I was wondering it you would plow out in front of my mailbox for $10.00?" He said, "Hell no, I'll do it for free!" And, he did.

Well, today, he had plowed it out again. Sweet!

Sidebar: The Post office is less than a mile away, so it was no big deal. I just didn't want to go out today.

I went inside the lobby (I trust that better than the outside mailboxes) and put all my cards into the slot.

Since I was outside anyway, I went to the gas station for more Cope (although I am seriously trying to cut back on snuff. I feel its the major contributor to my damn GERD). And since I was there, I drove across the parking lot to the Chinese take-out and got a quart of chicken fried rice for dinner.

When I got back home, I ate dinner watching the news. Then I watched the Red Wings finally win (It's a Christmas miracle!) I watched SNL but fell asleep during it (forgot to take a nap today).


  1. That was nice of the gentleman to plow it out. Is the plow or blower kit on your lawn tractor worth it?

  2. Not really. Cheaper just to buy a regular snow blower. But since I only need it a couple times a year (I hope, not really worth it. I can always ask my neighbor, if need bee.