Saturday, December 24, 2016

Friday Follies in SC

I woke up early on Friday morning. I didn't sleep well (it always seems to take a day or two for my old body to adjust to a new bed), but I stayed in bed reading. I didn't want to get in Jake's way as he had to work today.

But, I came down in time to say goodbye. I got a cup of coffee and Carla and I watched the morning news and chatted.

Sidebar: It always amazes me just how much I talk when I am here. I sit at work and don't talk all that much. Then, when I am home, I will occasionally talk to the cat or myself, but still not a lot. It's like I store it all up until I get here...

I had another cup of coffee and some cold pizza for breakfast.

Jake came home early and we both had more cold pizza for lunch.

For dinner we had takeout from a soul food restaurant (I forget the name). But, its claim to fame is that it was the first black woman-owned restaurant in South Carolina and had been in the same family for 85 years!

You got to pick a main entree and three sides. I picked fried chicken (dark meat), mac & cheese, buttered sweet corn and rice and gravy (sounded interesting). Plus the obligatory corn bread.

It needed salt (of course) but was very, very good. And that rice and gravy? Excellent.

But, I wish I'd swapped out the buttered sweet corn (which I can get up North) for the fried okra Carla got, LOL! That was good eats!

We watched some TV until about 8:30 p.m. and then I went to bed. I wasn't that tired (but then again, I didn't go to work today) so I read in bed until about 11:00 p.m. Then I tried to fall asleep. But, just as I would start to doze off and dream, the dream would wake me up and I had to start over again.

Example: I was falling asleep and I was picturing myself falling asleep. Then I "saw" a snake crawl out from the closet and start climbing on the bed! I turned the light on and checked: No snake. But, try falling asleep after that!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Papa John!! We all hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thank you for the birthday and Christmas cards, we love you! Love, Joe,Jerica,Travis and Logan :)

  2. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you all! And, all the best to you all in the coming year! Love, Papa John