Saturday, December 31, 2016

Finally Friday

I woke up way too early on Friday morning. "Oh, well," I though, "I can always take a nap later."

So, I read in bed until the new came on. Then I got up and got a cup of coffee. I watched the news and, during it, ate my pills and ate my breakfast.

Then I emptied the fridge. I pulled out the drawers and the shelves and washed the inside down. Next, I washed the metal shelves, the glass shelf and all three drawers in the laundry tub. I dried them with a cloth towel, then paper towels and left them to air dry the rest of the way.

Meanwhile, I went through everything, looking at expiration dates. I threw away a ton of things!

I put everything back together and put the remaining items back inside.

Then I cleaned the microwave.

I shaved, showered and got dressed. I left for an errand run.

First stop was Barnes and Noble (Six Mile and Haggerty). I bought four books. It was just shy of noon. Since I was over that way, I swung by Time Out and ate a Reuben sandwich. Amanda showed me pictures of her family's Christmas.

From there I went to Kroger's.

Sidebar: I normally grocery shop after my haircuts on Saturdays and its crowded. I thought that if I went on Friday, it would be less crowded. NOT! It was a madhouse.

Next came Costco. That was even worse, and all I wanted was some peanuts for the squirrels.

By then I was beat. So, I just went to the Post Office, took care of business and then went home.

I left the truck outside and unloaded it.

I put everything away and got the truck in. Then I went out back and refilled the feeders. The suet cage was open and the suet cake gone. I put a new one in and wired the top with a twist tie so the squirrels hopefully can't pull it open.

Back inside, I changed clothes and washed all the towels and my bathrobe. I mixed a bag of coleslaw mix with half a bottle of coleslaw dressing and put that in the fridge to get happy.

I was tired, but not sleepy. So, I sat in the living room with the fireplace on. I sat in my lift chair reclined, with a blanket and a cat on my lap. I read a book until it was time to put the wash in the dyer. It was 5:30 p.m.

I went back to reading (so much for all the items on the ToDo list). When the dryer shut off, I folded the clothes and then started dinner.

I wanted something easy, so I browned up some ground chuck, drained it and added a can of Manwich. Then that was warmed through, I served it on sesame seed hamburger buns. I ate two with some coleslaw.

Sidebar: I forgot just how ketchup-y Manwich tastes.

I watched the evening news. I didn't see anything interesting on TV, so I went back to reading. I started to nod off (no nap), so I shut everything off and was asleep before 9:00 p.,.


  1. re: "I left the truck outside and unloaded it." You don't have enough room in the garage to open door and unload?

  2. Sidebar: I forgot just how ketchup-y Manwich tastes.

    Rachel Ray has a not bad sloppy joe recipe that is a lot less sweet.

  3. @ GPF: No, not a present. All my wood working tools, saws, etc. had to be pulled out for my neighbor to install the wall and window. I have to insulate it before I can put the inside wall up. So, there is very little room for the truck.
    @ Jake: Thanks for the info. I'll try it next time.

    1. I would fix it sooner rather than's getting cold, rainy and snowy out