Friday, December 23, 2016

En Route...

I slept through the first alarm but the alarm on my phone woke me up (thank God!) So, I didn't have time to write the Blog post. Instead I shaved, showered and got dressed.

I finished packing the stuff I need this morning. Then I set up the cat stations (automatic feeder, three big water bowls and three litter boxes).

I backed the truck out and loaded my suitcase into the right side. This is a big security concern for me. Talk about advertising you're going on a trip! But, due to the tight confines in the garage, I have no other choice.

I secured the house and deliberately left the bedroom door open (I close it before going to work each day). I figured, since I am leaving her alone for Christmas, I can wash the bedspread if needed. Besides, Caley likes sleeping on the bed sometimes.

I was concerned I was leaving too late (big travel week), so I hustled. But, when I got to the airport, it was all very strange! There was plenty of parking, minimal lines at the airport and most amazing was the TSA checkpoint. Where there are usually 50 people in line, there were maybe 10 or 12!!!

What happened to the busy travel?

I sat and read my book until boarding.

I was seated next to a guy who lived in Columbia. I joked and said, "Maybe we'll be sitting together on the next plane as well." "No," he said. He said its quicker for his wife to drive to Charlotte and pick him up that to wait for the layover, wait for the plane to take off and land, taxi to the terminal in Columbia, etc. Makes sense, I guess.

I had to get from one end of the terminal to the other (and Charlotte is a big airport) so I started my hike. Now the coat that was so needed in Michigan was just a pain in the ass and I was starteing to sweat.

I was about halfway down Terminal C when an airline employee walked up to me and asked me my name. I said, "John" and she said, "Thanks."

Then, in the main concourse (I think that's what you call the place with all the shops and restaurants) another airline employee asked me the same thing. Weird!

Halfway down to Terminal E, yet another airline employee stopped me and said, "Is your name Paul?" I said no and then figured it out. Some old guy with a cane and possibly dementia had wandered off and they were trying to find him.

I was hungry and still had about 25 minutes before boarding. There were no high-priced Burger Kings in this terminal, so I ended up going into an upscale bar ang grill. I asked the waitress if the service was fast and she said, "Of course."

So, I ordered a mushroom and Swiss burger (no, no lettuce, tomato, onion or pickles) on a pretzel bun and a cola. I asked her to please bring me some Dijon mustard as well. Then I waited, and waited, and waited...

I had drunk most of the cola before my sandwich showed up (with a bottle of French's Yellow mustard, BTW). I had eaten less than half of the burger and a few fries when it was definitely time to go. Damn! So, I pushed the button on the table for the check (fancy). Luckily, she came right away. And I paid $17.00 (plus tip) for a lunch I couldn't finish!!!

I finally got to take my coat off and stuff it under the seat. The flight to Columbia was uneventful and short as always. I think it took longer to taxi in than to fly there.

I retrieved my bags. Jake was about two miles out, so I went outside and sat on a bench while I waited. The warm air and sunshine felt wonderful!!! I sent my two obligatory texts that I had made it safe and sound.

We got back to the house and I got enthusiastic greeting from both Carla and Whiskey.

Jake took my suitcase upstairs and I started settling in.

Downstairs we chatted for a while and then they ordered pizza for dinner.

My brother Carl called to ask me when I was leaving for SC. I told him I was already sitting in Jake & Carla's living room.

We watched TV and talked until 9:00 p.m. when I decided it was bed time. I read for a while in bed until I felt sleepy. So, I turned off the light and went to sleep


  1. Halfway down to Terminal E, yet another airline employee stopped me and said, "Is your name Paul?" I said no [...]"

    "I call your name / But you're not there"