Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tuesdy's Tale.

It was a sunny, windy day here. I took the trash out to the road and then left for work. I stopped at the Looney Bakery and got bagels and a tub of cream cheese on the way into work.

Our high temperature was 58 degrees, but the wind made it feel chilly when I walked outside.

It was Nate's (one of our techs) last day so, as is our tradition, they bought five pizzas and we had a farewell lunch. The pizzas looked and smelled wonderful. But, by that time, I had eaten 1 1/2 salt bagels with cream cheese. So, I had trouble eating just one piece.

Then I ran out to Larry's Foodliner to get some cat food and kitty litter.

Back home, I got the trashcan and mail back inside. I switched out the kitty litter and added the cat food to the self-feeder.

Chores done, I watched the news. When I got hungry, I fixed a can of Bean with Bacon soup.

NCIS was a rerun, so I watched the Red Wings hockey game. It was a good one and we won 3-1! So, I went to bed happy.