Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I took the trash out to the road on Tuesday morning and then headed into work.

It was supposed to rain most of the day and it was sprinkling at 10:00 a.m. when I walked outside.

If you remember, I had to turn down lunch with Victoria last Friday (due to PT). We had agreed to meet today. But, by noon, when I hadn't heard anything from her, I just got my coat and was heading out to the Newburgh Grill. Just as I hit the outside door, my phone rang. It was her. She had just dropped Yanessa off at school and asked me to wait for 15 minutes and then head out to Leo's Coney Island (next to Home Depot). So, I did.

Once we hooked up, we went inside. We were busy chatting, so when the waitress came to take our order, I just said, "A small Greek salad." She asked if I wanted chicken on that and I said sure. Vicky ordered breakfast.

We got our food and my salad was awful! Big chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers I had to saw through with a knife to fit into my mouth, a weird dressing and overcooked chicken. I wish I'd ordered breakfast!

We chatted for almost two hours, then I reluctantly brought up I had to go back to work. We made our goodbyes in the parking lot and I headed back.

It was sprinkling on the way back (it never did really "rain" here, at least during the day).

Back home, I dragged the trash can back inside and got the mail.

I treated the cat and changed clothes. Then I emptied the dishwasher.

I warmed up Courtney's Chicken Parmesan with pasta for dinner. I added some salt and topped it with grated Parmesan cheese from Westborn. It was excellent, but very filling!

I started watching the election results and did that until I fell asleep. I woke up for a bathroom break and the results were still not finalized. I turned it off and went to bed.

Sidebar: I should have watched the hockey game, instead. the Red Wings won!

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  1. Leo's Coney Island (next to Home Depot).

    I always preferred the one in Westland.