Monday, November 21, 2016

Then it was Sunday

It was cold and very windy Sunday morning. But, at least there was no snow.

I got a cup of coffee and watched the news.  Then I did the Sunday morning chores. After stripping the bedding, I put it all in the washing machine.

I made soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I swore I was not going outside, but when I saw the blue jays and squirrels keep checking out the now-empty peanut feeder, I relented. It had been fun to watch them on Saturday.

Since I was out there anyway, I did start the tractor and let it run for five minutes to get the Stabil in the carb.

My daughter Melissa called again and this time I answered. We chatted for a bit (well, a long bit).

I made old-fashioned goulash for dinner. The flavor was spot on but I overcooked the elbow macaroni and it tasted mushy. Dammit!

I binge-watched the Barnwood Builders on the DIY channel until bedtime.

All in all, a nice, relaxing day.


  1. Observation: From a historical perspective, it would be helpful if you quantify cold in terms of degrees. Being a southern gentleman, cold is anything below 85.

  2. LMAO! I know, I know... I think it was 28 degrees when I woke up and it struggled all day to get up near 40.