Monday, November 7, 2016

Road trip (the long and winding road...)

I woke up to the alarm on Saturday morning. I had a lot of things to do.

First order of business was breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and toast. Then I shaved and showered.

After I got dressed, I left the house at 8:30 a.m. I had a long drive in front of me. I had to get to Shelby Township, by Dequinder (sp) off of M-59. I didn't bother putting her address in the phone yet, because I knew it would route me I-96 to I-75. But I drove to Lake Orion for years and I know how to get to M-59 from my house.

I got on Telegraph and headed north. I got off on the route to Square Lake Road and then hit I-75. I crossed three lanes of traffic and got on M-59. Then, when it was safe, I pulled onto the side of the road and entered Mel's address into my phone.

Sidebar: In case you were wondering, I was going up to my great nephew, Adam Hugo's, house to buy Mel's old Kindle Fire. Do I need a Kindle Fire? Did I need the kayak or the motorcycle I never ride? I buy shit that sounds good, okay? Besides my daughter Melissa has always bugged me about buying a Kindle. I suspect it's so she can just buy me books for my birthday or Christmas but whatever.

On the other hand, I like books. I like the way they feel. I like the way they smell. I like dog-earing pages to know where I left off. I like going to Borders and buying the latest Lee Child book (there used to be a LOT more book stores). In short, I like books. I can't imagine reading on a damn tablet. Oh, did I mention she warned me it was pink? I don't think Caley will judge me...

Google said I'd get there in an hour. So, I added in another half hour to allow for traffic, construction, etc. But, of course, none of those things happened and I ended up there at 9:30 a.m. instead of the 10:00 a.m. we'd agreed upon. Dammit!

So, after a bit sitting in the truck, I went to the front door. I knocked first and then saw there was a door bell. I pushed it but didn't here anything inside except a woman yelling, "Come in through the garage!"

The garage door was open (security concern!) so I did. I walked in the house to find Mel on her knees, changing the baby's diaper on the living room carpet.

Mel was just like I pictured her (I've only known her on Facebook). She is a lovely, young lady and mother. I never did see Addison, although I heard her. And the baby (whose name I forget) refused to wave high to me (despite both Mel's and my urging). But, at one point, she smiled at me. Her smile went all the way to her chubby cheeks and up into her eyes! Beautiful!

I exchanged some cash for the kindle and then headed out. I was thrilled to meet Mel, but was disappointed not to see Adam (I think I've seen him, like, twice in my life at Mom's Christmas parties at Donna's house, back in the day).

I got back on M-59 and headed east. The morning sun in my eyes was a bitch, so I put on my clip-on sunglasses. M-59 when I got back on it was still an expressway but then turned into a four lane highway. Traffic was a total bitch (but I knew it would be). I was headed east to Mt. Clemens and my brother Carl's house.

So, I got there an hour early. I was apologetic but Carl said it was great as he was hungry. I let him drive (hey, its his town) and we went to a nearby restaurant whose name I forget (it had a very small parking lot. I remember that!). Carl got a breakfast special and I got a half order of corned beef has topped with an egg. It was good, but since I ate a big breakfast (for a change), I couldn't finish it.

We went back to his house and sat and talked until about noon. He had an interesting story about the garage next door catching fire. It burned down like four of his maple trees and melted the plastic on his house window!

He gave me three things: An herb cutting scissors with like six blades on it, an antique wood vise from my broth Joe and a container of his home-made split pea soup!

Then I headed home. It took a while, of course, and by the time I got home, I'd put 110 miles on the truck.

I changed into my work clothes and went outside. I got the patio chairs and tables put into the shed, the hose box blown out (I decided to leave it in place for the winter).  I put a foam cover on the outside faucet.

I put the new cover on the Chargrille smoker and am going to leave that on the patio for the winter (I need the room in the shed). With the recent rains, there was some moisture and surface rust on the bottom of the main grill and the smoker unit. So, I got the wire brush attachment for the drill and cleaned that up. Then I sprayed it with penetrating oil.

I got the can for the bird seed out of the shed as well. I still need to buy some bird seed and peanuts for the squirrels, though. 

So, I'm all set for winter outside.

I went inside and took a long nap. I had tried very hard to sit up straight in the truck, but my back was killing me.

It was dark when I woke up. So, I did my last chore for the day, setting all the clocks back an hour. Then I warmed up the split pea soup (its was excellent, BTW. Thanks!)

I watched a little TV but then went back to sleep. It was a long day.

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  1. I saw the pictures of the shears but what about the vise and what is its origin?