Thursday, October 6, 2016


It was a another gorgeous day on Wednesday! Walked outside in the morning and it felt like July, not October.

I went to the Newburgh Grill and gave into temptation. I ate a chili dog with a side of onion rings

I left work at 3:00 to meet with an electrician. I am going to get my fuse box replaced, along with a whole house surge protector.

Sidebar: I bought this on Angie's List for $849.00. I have learned today that this was more of a down payment, rather than a fixed price.

He explained that, to meet code, he has to put in two grounds outside, etc., etc., etc. He's supposed to get back with me in a couple of days with the "real" price.

I did ask him what happened to the $849 price. He said that if everything is perfect and they just have to swap out the box. I said, "If everything was perfect, why would somebody want to do that?" He laughed and said, "Good point."

But, I really do need to upgrade this. So, it is what it is.

I did have to move the bike so he could get in, so I got to drive it up into the garage twice! I put about 12 feet on the odometer, LOL!

I ate the last of the steak and squash for dinner.

I had all the windows opened again while I did the Wednesday night wash and ran a load in the dishwasher.

I watched a little TV but went to bed early.


  1. Nice to hear you were able to fit in another bike ride this season. If we apply the three-age system, you may not be an iron butt rider but may (may) qualify as a stone butt rider.

  2. CTFU! I swear I will live long enough to get the first 500 mile service done on this damn bike!