Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tale

I felt a lot better on Tuesday. I assume my GERD medicine  and my body are now becoming friends.

It was still warm out, but now more windy and only partly sunny in the morning. I was worried about my trashcan blowing away, so I kinda locked the wheels in a crack next to the road. Then I went to work.

I ate at the Newburgh Grill. I still didn't trust my stomach, so I just had a cup of bean and ham soup. I seriously wanted more to eat, but restrained myself.

I stopped at CVS and got some cards afterwards.

In the afternoon, IT got much more cloudy and the winds picked up.

I had planned on making a cheese omelet for dinner (easy on the digestive system, right?) but I was really hungry. So, instead, I went to my Chinese take-out place and got another quart of chicken fried rice before going home.

Sidebar: They can't make an egg roll worth a crap, but they are OUTSTANDING at chicken fried rice. Ten Yen doesn't even come close (I've tried theirs). And, it's done in like five minutes!

Another sidebar: My little friend, the Chinese waitress at Ten Yen (whose name I have learned to pronounce, but not spell) told me a while back that real Chinese don't eat chicken fried rice. They usually eat pork fried rice. I have not independently confirmed this, but there you go. I am a first generation German-American so I don't know, but I like chicken fried rice, okay?

She also told me it was healthier to eat a good breakfast, then a big lunch (which may explain their portion sizes) but just a light snack for dinner. She said that explains the longer lives of Chinese.

It's kind of funny, but she has taken me under her wing and is always giving me advice to walk more and so on. I assume it's because the Chinese have a tradition of respecting their elders.

Anyway, back home, the winds continued to gust and my empty garbage was three houses down. I retrieved it and the mail and went inside to treat the cat.

I decided to work inside tonight, so I cleaned the stove top.

I ate some of my chicken fried rice for dinner. Then I watched my NCIS shows. In between the two, I watched an interesting show on PBS's American Experience about Nicholas Tesla (excellent).

I made myself go to bed at 11:00 p.m.