Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The news said it was foggy again on Tuesday, but I didn't see any around here. The sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

I went to lunch at Big Boy. I got a cup of chicken noodle soup (to be different) and the half sandwich (grilled three cheese with tomato).

When I left the restaurant, there was a guy about my age standing behind my truck. WTF? When I walked up to the truck, he said, "Is this your truck?" I had a fleeting thought that maybe he backed into it or something. I said, "Yes" and he said, "I want to show you something." I thought, "Oh crap! He really did back into it!!!"

I walked to the back and he pointed to his SUV parked next to me. In his trailer hitch was a very faded claymore mine!

He said, "I'm a veteran, too, and just wanted to shake your hand!" Not wanting to get into a long discussion, I shook hands and said, "I'll be damned. I never saw anybody else who had one." He said, "Me either. That's why I waited for you." As I drove off, he was still standing there, giving me a big thumbs up.

When I got back inside from my afternoon walk, Michelle from Facilities was waiting for me. She'd been at her computer all day (including lunch) and want to take a break, so she walked over for a visit.

When I got home after work, it was still nice out, but breezy. I opened all the windows to air out the house (it gets stuffy with the furnace on).

I called Jake and Carla to make sure they would be okay with this hurricane bearing down on them. Jake said that, since they are about 90 miles from the coast, all they are expecting is a lot or rain and  high winds.

I ate half of the remaining dirty rice and shrimp for my dinner. I watched NCIS and then a little of the Vice-presidential debates. Both candidates came off as jerks (especially Clinton's choice). Disgusted, I turned it off and went to bed.

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  1. Mostly just wind and rain here. Had a couple shingles blow off the roof into the backyard that the dog thought were some kind of animals. While not a fan of the rain, she was very eager to be let out to defend the prop.