Sunday, October 30, 2016


It was windy, damp and cold when I went for my haircut on Saturday. So, I blew off going grocery shopping (again) and just went home afterwards.

But it got warmer and sunnier so, by noon, I went outside and got to work. I got the wheelbarrow out of the shed. The tire was low. of course. So I took it up front, pulled the truck out of the garage (to get to the air compressor) and pumped it up.

Then I carefully picked up the urn (heavy) and dumped it in the wheelbarrow.

I took that out back, put the urn in the shed and the flowers and dirt on the compost heap.

I went back up front and did the same thing with the porch rail planter.

I noticed I never changed the wreath from summer's forsythia to my fall one, so I swapped it out.

So, the front is ready for winter.

I went in the back, then, and took down the kitchen window planter box. Again, the box went into the shed and the flowers and dirt on the compost heap.

I got the drip hose out of the vegetable garden and into the shed as well.

I took in all the little statues except for the young Shaolin monk. He's heavy and, by that time, with all the lifting and bending over, my back had started hurting. I decided that was enough for the day.

Back inside, I laid on the bed to rest my back. But, that was kind of boring. So, I turned on the Michigan/Michigan State football game. It was almost over (Michigan won, BTW) when the phone rang. It was my daughter, Melissa.

So, I moved to the couch where we talked for a long time. When we finished, I decided to take a nap.

I was hungry when I woke up. I had a head of cauliflower, so I cut that up and boiled it. I ate about half of it with just butter and salt.

I stayed up late (thanks to the nap) to watch Saturday Night Live, but was disappointed to learn it was a rerun. So, I went to bed.

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