Saturday, October 8, 2016


As you may remember, mi querido amigo Vicky got a new job a while back. But, she got a much better offer to work for the Ilitch company (Little Caesars. Yeah, but he also owns the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League and Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball). Ilitch has been at the center of Detroit's downtown redevelopment efforts; he purchased and renovated the Fox Theatre and relocated his business headquarters (Ilitch Holdings) there. He also owns Olympia Entertainment.

She would be working in the same area (downtown Campus Martius), for more money, better benefits and hopefully, free pizza. So, she took it.

In keeping with traditional business practices, she told them she would need to start in two weeks (so she could give her notice) and gave her notice.

So, her last day would have been October 14.

This is normal, so you can train your replacement and so on.

But, yesterday, she sent me an email, asking that I not email her anymore at work (it was how we stayed in touch - I promised her when she left) as they let her go early.

So, she's basically fncked and losing a week's pay.

I wold like to think this is an isolated incident, but it's not.  When my friend, Tracey, gave her two week notice here a while back at Spacely Sprockets, her manager, Dennis, (no last names, please) told her to get the fnck out!

So, should you ignore the old two week notice? I dunno. I just know Vicky got screwed out of a week's pay...

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