Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rain, rain go away!

It sprinkled on the way into work but seriously rained in the afternoon on Friday.

Sidebar: We are in a very weird weather pattern here in Southeast Michigan. I heard the name for it, but promptly forgot it. There is a stationary low stuck in the Ohio valley. Due to the jet stream, it is sucking up moisture from the Atlantic and swirling it around. Detroit is directly in it's path. This is causing the rain and the unusual effect of weather coming in from the east (normally weather comes in from the west, here).

I think Mother Nature is trying to make up for the lack of rain (and my water bill) this summer.

I ate lunch at Time Out and got their mushroom and Swiss burger. Of course, they didn't have any Dijon mustard (I need that on a mushroom and Swiss burger), but I brought in a bottle from my pantry. The owner, Dan, laughed his ass off. He put it up high on a shelf and told the waitresses to remember where it was when I requested it.

The burger was delicious, but huge huge (1/2 pound) and I could barely finish it. I left most of the fries on the plate.

From there, I went to the Burlington Coat Factory. I was looking for a lightweight, Fall jacket. It was a wasted trip. I'll try Kohl's, next.

I drove home from work in heavy rain. After I got the truck in, I treated the cat and then went out back to check the gauge.  I had close to another inch in it, so I've gotten almost five inches of rain since Wednesday. I am damn glad I don't have a basement!!!

I spent the early evening making lists (grocery, ToDo, etc.) on the computer.

I warmed up a big bowl of my ham and bean soup for my dinner. I put two four-cup containers in the freezer for later in the winter.

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.


  1. It does seem like you get hit with rain in the spring and fall with little in between. Have you tried Dick's Sporting Goods? Sounds like you might want a golf jacket.

  2. I'll check it out. All Burlington had was a light jacket with no collar and stupid cuffs (I don't know what to call them) that gasped your wrist.

  3. Did you check Dick's?