Thursday, October 20, 2016

No pain, no gain...

It was raining on the way into work and it rained the whole damn day.

I went to Big Boy for lunch and got the chicken noodle soup and the Caesar side salad.

I left a little early to get to my first physical therapy session. I learned that their theory is that, from years of sitting at a computer, hunched over, my upper body muscles are weakened. This causes me to slump, unless I think about it, resulting in the pain in my mid-back.

So, all my exercises were targeted at my upper back and shoulders. I went in with back pain in about eight inches of my mid-spine. I came out with an ache from my neck to my butt! The only thing that felt good was the moist heat from the hot pack (or whatever its called).

Sidebar: These are waterproof canvas bags filled with clay and kept in hot water until use. They wrap them in towels and then apply them (in my case, on my back). They are heavy as hell, but once the warm, moist heat get through the towel, it feels wonderful!

I got home a little after 6:00 p.m. I ate a chicken sandwich I brought home from work. A vendor brought them in while I was out to lunch. It was from Pot Belly and was really, really good. I liked the bread much better than Jimmy Johns (and I like Jimmy Johns).

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.


  1. It's a sandwich, soup and chili chain up here. Ours is in the old Wonderland Mall area at Middlebelt and Plymouth Road. Great bread!

  2. Our nearest is 90 miles away and "coming soon." They do deliver in your area though.

  3. Next time you are up here, I'll buy lunch. I didn't try them, but the people who ate the salami ones said they were awesome.