Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday, Tuesday

Tuesday sucked. I woke up and turned the TV on. I missed the weather, so I used the TV remote to try and go back.


WTF? Are my remote control batteries dead?

Sidebar: Back in the day, the cable box had buttons on it to change channels or fast forward or go back.  But these days, all I have is a power on, power off button.

So, I went back and got two new batteries. NOTHING!

So, I gave up and went to work, carrying the remote with me.

I called Brighthouse (my cable company) first. They said bring in the old one and they would replace it, free of charge. Great!

Next, I called my barber and got an appointment for 9:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Finally, I called my doctor for an appointment for my six-month checkup. Turned out she was available this Saturday (she's only in one Saturday a month) but the only appointment was at (you guessed it) at 9:00 a.m.

So, I took it and rescheduled my haircut for 11:00 a.m.

I left for lunch at 11:30 a.m., so I could beat the lunchtime crowd at Brighthouse. I lucked out as there were only two folks in front of me. Turned out the remote I had was broken in the front (I never noticed). Must have fallen off the bed one too many times.

From there I went to Sam's Place (right down the road at 5-Mile and Farmington). I got the six pierogie special I always wanted to try. You can customize it if you want but, as is, it comes with two potato, two cheese and two sauerkraut homemade pierogies, sour cream and a hunk of Texas toast.

Sidebar: DO NOT attempt to eat them when they first come out. Cut them up and let them cool. I learned this the hard way. Also, ask for extra sour cream.

Result? The potato and cheese ones were excellent (once cooled). The sauerkraut ones were a little intense and upset my stomach. I didn't have room for the toast, so I can't comment on that.

From there I went down the road to Kroger's. I bought a bag of onions and a three-pound chuck roast.

Sidebar: They had "buy one, get one free" on chuck roasts when I went in on Saturday. But, they were huge and around $28.00 each. No way could I eat that much meat. But, with the cooler weather, a pot roast sounded good.

So, today I bought a smaller, three-pound one (not on sale) and some onions. Then I went back to work.

The afternoon passed slowly, but I stopped at the Post Office on the way home.

Once home, I got to work. I went out back and harvested a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes. While I was out there, I also grabbed a handful of thyme stalks and three stalks of rosemary.

Back inside, I started to prepare the roast for tomorrow's slow cooker. I put some canola oil in the 12-inch pan and (after closing the bedroom and office doors, cracking the kitchen window and turning on the fan) heated it up. I seasoned the roast with Kosher salt and a lot of fresh ground pepper and put it in the pan.

Here's where I made a terrible mistake. I grabbed the short tongs (with the red rubber ends) instead of the big ones. I was holding the pan with my left hand and turning the roast with my right when it slipped out of the tongs. It splashed hot oil all over my hand, the front of the stove and the floor!

Damn that hurt!

When I got the roast browned on all four sides, I took it out and set it on a plate. Then I ran cold water on my poor hand, dried it off and rubbed Vaseline Intensive Care lotion all over it.

I went back to work and browned some Yukon Gold potatoes, then some carrots and finally the onions. I set all those aside to cool as well.

I got some Pine-Sol and hot water and washed the kitchen floor in front of the stove.

Then, I made a nice salad with lettuce, the tomatoes and cucumber. I topped that with store-bought blue cheese dressing and ate it for my dinner.

I put the roast and veggies in the fridge for tomorrow.

Then, I watched a little TV. I rewashed my hand and applied more lotion before going to bed.


  1. I haven't had pierogies in forever. How big are they?

  2. Um, they are hand-made and oval, of course. but they would probably just barely sit in the palm of your hand.