Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I still had stomach problems on Sunday but I still made the beans into soup for the family reunion. But, before I should have left at 11:00 a.m., I realized that there was no way I could drive for an hour without having a rest area.

So, I opted to stay home, next to my dear toilet.

But, there were three problems with that.

1. My brother Joe was bringing me a wood vise that I need to pick up.
2. My brother Carl bought me two hydrangeas so I need to pay him and take them off his hands.
3. My great niece Jamie will be deeply disappointed not to see me.

I couldn't help it.

On the bright side, between my soup and macaroni salad, I have plenty of food for the coming week.


  1. You did purchase the extended cab. Perhaps it's time for a campervan toilet.

  2. LOL! Maybe one of those Alaskan composting toilets? Then I could spread it on my vegetable garden. No, wait, that sounds gross...

  3. Yes! A Nissan honey bucket.