Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday, running errands...

I woke up late on Saturday. But, that was okay as I didn't have any appointments. so, who cares?

I watched the last of the news and then a couple of DIY shows (I was lazy). Finally, I shaved and showered.

I got dressed and headed out to the Kroger's on Ford Road. They carry the dried 15 bean mix I wanted.

Sidebar: I couldn't decide on what to make for the family reunion. It's been so warm I thought macaroni salad. But it looked like the temperature was going to fall, so I was thinking ham and bean soup.

So, I bought the ingredients for both, along with some needed staples. Plus a large package of (much needed) toilet paper - I've had the runs since Friday morning.

Sidebar: It's not only me. Michelle gave those turkey rolls to Vicky and I have since learned that both Yanessa and Evy had the same reaction as I did. They tasted great, but there was something in them that tore my guts up!

Back home, I dumped the truck in the driveway and hit the bathroom. Then I unloaded the groceries.

I put the bag of beans in water to soak overnight. Then I boiled the macaroni for the salad. When it was done, I rinsed it in cold water and let it cool. Then I roasted three red peppers on the stove grate.

I chopped those up and added the rest of the ingredients. I made the dressing and stuck the bowl in the fridge for the night.

Then I went outside to plant my latest acquisition, a "Thundercloud Stonecrop," it's a low, mounding perennial.

Since I was out there anyway, I watered all the recent transplants. I noticed that two of my roses finally (FINALLY) bloomed.

Back inside I cooked some Buitoni fresh pasta. I wanted the mushroom anga(whatever) but they were out. So, I bought a four cheese ravioli. I figured that was enough cheese, so I skipped the Alfredo sauce and went with a jarred tomato and basil sauce. I topped it with some Parm and dinner was done and delicious.

Then I went to bed early.


  1. Maybe it was the beef from the roast. I am calculating it was about ten days old when you last ate it.

  2. NO! I throw shit away on a regular basis! I'm thinking your mother paid Michelle to poison me!!!

  3. Hrm....

    9/13: "When I got the roast browned on all four sides, I took it out and set it on a plate."

    9/23: "I ate the last of the beef pot pie for dinner and then watched a little TV until bedtime."

  4. Well, I made it into a beef pot pie (as you suggested) so I think the clock restarts at that point.