Friday, September 23, 2016

Picasso and me...

Today was the wort day of this week for heat and humidity. 86 degrees and muggy!

I went to Red Robin and got their Bleu burger and fries. I just felt like having something different for a change.

Since I had some time to kill, I went for a ride through Hines Park. I was surprised to see how many trees are beginning to change color!I thought they needed cold nights for that?

After work, I took a rinse-off shower and changed clothes after treating the cat. Then I headed back out into rush hour traffic. I had to get to Ferndale. Vicky and I were meeting with Michelle Pace and her daughter, Ashley (and three of Michelle's friends) at a "Painting with a Twist" session.

Sidebar: If you don't know what that is, it's a paint class (acrylic water-based paint) where a bunch of strangers sit and paint a picture, based on a theme (or, you can paint whatever the hell you want). People bring in wine and/or snacks. There is an instructor who shows you techniques and occasionally walks around giving suggestions.

So, I went down Telegraph to I-696. Telegraph was slow, but I-696 was a parking lot (literally). I was seriously worried I wouldn't make it in time (it was from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., but you were supposed to get there at 6:30 to sign in).

I got off on Woodward (next to the Detroit zoo) and went two miles south to Nine Mile. I turned right and I was literally there. But, with all the parking spaces taken! Their website mentioned parking the rear, but how do I get to the rear? There's no entrance or alleyway or even a cross street. WTF?

So, I drove west on Nine Mile for at least a quarter mile to find a cross street. Finally found one and then found the big parking lot. No to find a parking space! But I finally found a handicapped one all the way back and just behind Painting with a Twist! What luck!

I was not so lucking with the parking kiost. First timeI ever saw one, much less used one, so I ended up paying three times what I should have. Damn modern technology!

I went inside, carrying two bottles of wine (Michelle was bring snacks). I was the first one there so I requestered, got my canvas and found my seat. I then used the bathroom (thank God!)

I chatted with the two artists while I waited for the others. People slowly started trickling in. I took a photo to show you the set up.

 Note: This was just one section. It's a big place.

Michelle and Ashley showed up and then Michelle friends. But no Victoria.

Michelle had cheese and crackers and some very delicious turkey wraps. So, we had some food (nobody had time to eat dinner). Everybody got their apron and class began.

Michelle called Vicky. She was here, just trying to find a parking spot.

Now the theme was "Fall in Michigan" so each canvas had the Michigan outline drawn on it.

Some people got really creative, but I followed the instructor. I was trying to get the techniques, first.

Vicky finally made it, but she was about 15 minutes late and so behind. She was sitting next to me (Michelle and Ash were across the table from us) so I kept telling her what she missed.

We took a ten minute break about an hour through (mostly to let the painting dry). I had some wine and chatted with Vicky while Michelle and Ashley played with hulu hoops.

Then we went back to work.

I was having trouble making small branches. I followed the instructions (over and over) but kept making big ones. Vicky was doing it perfectly, so I finally gave up and asked the artist for help. She came over to show me, but siad, "Here's the problem! You've got a bad brush!!!" She gave me a new one and it worked!

All good thing some to an end and so did the class. We posed in a group picture for their Facebook page and a private one that Ashley took.

Unfortunately, the bottom of my painting wasn't quite dry, so I got blue paint on my brown pants. They gave me some Clorox wipes, but I think they are trashed.

I washed up and made my goodbyes (Michelle and Vicky were still chatting away). I thanked both the artists and headed home

It took me half the time to get home as it did to get there in rush hour.

I took a close up of the painting for you.

It's okay for a first attempt. I put my pand on a bucket with some laundry soap to soak overnight. Then I went to bed.


  1. Well done and sounds like a great time! Apparently there's one near us. Do they all paint Michigan in fall?

  2. No. Apparently its different each time. We just happened to hit Fall in Michigan that night.

  3. You should try it. Bring a bottle of wine and maybe some cheese and crackers (if you can't eat dinner first). It's fun and you really get into it. Up here, it's like $35.00 to register but it was worth it. I really enjoyed it.

  4. I'm glad. Looking forward to your next piece of art. Perhaps you can leave us inheritance in nearly priceless (obviously, they must have a price for this purpose) works.

  5. I do. (▰︶︹︺▰)