Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hump Day

I raced through the Blog entry on Wednesday. I felt good until I was on my way to work and realized I forgot the onions. Damn!

So, I went online and amended my post. I think this was the first time ever, but I couldn't let my fans try to make Greek pasta salad without onions.

Courtney had brought in bagels and she saved me a salt one (thanks!) She also brought me in a dish from their supper last night. It was something she found on Pinterest called a "One pot cheesy smoked sausage & pasta dish." I said, "Thanks. After Victoria left, I figured I wouldn't be getting any more dinners." 

I had some errands to run at lunch, so I didn't have time to eat at a restaurant. I stopped at Arby's and got a roast beef sandwich meal (horsey sauce, curly fries and a Dr. Pepper to drink). I ate it at my desk.

First I got a text and then an email from Facebook, saying someone had tried to access my account! Really? How boring! So, I went online to check. They said somebody had tried to access my account, using a Windows XP machine and Chrome from someplace in India. WTF? So, I changed my password.

I-275 is finally opened, so traffic on I-96 was vastly improved. I got to go 80 mph again. It took me seven minutes to get home!!!

I treated the cat and changed clothes. Then I did the Wednesday wash.

I heated up Courtney's dish for dinner. It was pretty good. I'll have to get the recipe (I like the idea of a one-pot dinner,  LOL!)

I watched a taped PBS show about early folk songs. It was excellent and took me back...

Then I read until bedtime.

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