Saturday, September 24, 2016

Finally Friday

There was a beautiful sunrise on the way into work on Friday. It clouded up, though, as the morning progressed.

I went to Time Out for lunch. I got a chicken salad pita, just for something different. It was pretty good!

It rained briefly in the afternoon, so Fred and I had to run out and close our truck windows.

Back home after work, I watered the container gardens in front. I dumped a full bucket on the dogwood. The hydrangeas and the transplanted Shasta daisies look really healthy!

Then I went out back and watered the kitchen window box and the three hanging plants. It's kinda sad. Now that the season is almost over, the hanging plants are finally filled out and looking great!

And the season is really almost over. The maples out back are starting to turn color and already dropping leaves.
I checked the veggie garden. The tomato plants are dying, but I found three summer squash! I picked the biggest two.
Back inside, I washed my pants that had I soaking since the painting class. Sadly, they will have to be my new "working around the house" pants as the stain did not come out.

I ate the last of the beef pot pie for dinner and then watched a little TV until bedtime.