Saturday, September 17, 2016

Finally Friday

It was cool again in the morning, but warmed up quickly  Another perfect day!

I went to Time Out for lunch and this time got the fish and chips.

They still haven't found a new waitress, so Amanda (the only night waitress) was pulling yet another double shift. She was yawning when she took my order. Poor kid!

When I got home after work, I started watering plants. I did all the container gardens in front with my watering can. Then I dumped a bucket each of water on the hydrangeas. They are still laying down but are now turning pink.

Brother Carl: Is this falling over normal for hydrangeas or is it just because they are newly transplanted? Should I cut them back?

I also put a bucket of water on the transplanted shasta daisies. They look healthy!

Speaking of pink, the mysterious plants (I don't remember their name) are now turning pink as well.

Then I went out back and watered the kitchen window flower box and the three hanging plants.

Back inside, I finally changed clothes.

I made a a salad for my dinner (I'm trying to lose the weight I usually do over the summer, but haven't this year). Plus, I'm also trying to use up all the damn cherry tomatoes.

Sidebar: I still have gotten only one heirloom tomato. No wonder they went to hybrids, LOL!

The cucumber made me burp all night or maybe it's the Gerd (I spelled it right, Jake).

I watched a little TV but went to bed at 9:00 p.m.


  1. transplant . . . No, don't cut back, they only bloom on old wood. blooms next year. and your mystery plant is just a sedum.

  2. Bravo! Now just to work on the capitalization.