Sunday, September 4, 2016

Finally Friday...

It was deliciously cool overnight and I slept with the bedroom window open. First time in a long time I woke up without a stuffy nose. Damn A/C!

Sidebar: I can't really complain about the A/C. This has been a brutal summer, heat-wise. Without the A/C, I probably would have just died and dried up. Somebody would have found my desiccated corpse, sitting in my chair, hold a book in my skeleton hands.  But it does tend to make my sinuses suffer.

I went to Time Out for lunch and was deeply disappointed. Amanda, my favorite waitress there, has been reassigned to nights. Damn! I got a BBQ pork sandwich with fries, but it wasn't the same...

I consoled myself thinking that she can now get her seven year old son on and off the school bus. But, I will miss her...

Sidebar: Regarding waitresses: I realize that most of you (specially couples) pay no attention to waitresses. They bring you your drinks, take your orders and bring you the tab. Then you tip them and leave. But, I eat by myself (usually) so I tend to talk to them. I know about their kids, their living arrangements, etc. So, some become my friends... Amanda was one of them.

The afternoon passed slowly. Around 3:00 p.m., my boss sent me a text, asking if I had anything important I was doing. I said no, not really. So, she said, take off then. Have a nice weekend!

Now, normally, that would be  great thing. But, I missed my haircut last weekend (and my hair grows ridiculously fast - except on the top of my head). so, I had called for a Saturday appointment. However, my barber, Michelle, was taking Saturday off!

Sidebar: I get it. Barbers usually have Sunday and Monday off. So, any holidays on Monday (like Labor Day) are meaningless to them.

Anyway, I had an appointment at 5:30 get my hair cut. So, I called Michelle and asked if I could come in early. Luckily, she said her 3:30 appointment had canceled so I booked that.

Sidebar: I really didn't want to go home, wait two hours and then go out again.

I got my hair cut and then stopped into Kroger's to get some green peppers and more garlic. I need to make sofrito.

Backstory: Victoria and I have gone back and forth about getting together since she left. My latest offering was to take her, Evy and Yanessa to lunch at Ricon Tropical (they specialize in Puerto Rican food). Her abridged/censored answer was, "OH, GAWD NO!" I asked if the food was that bad and she said no, its excellent. WTF? She said every time they eat there, Evy spends the next day or two explaining how she would have made the dishes better.

So, since I had a nine pound bone-in pork shoulder in the freezer (I bought it on sale a while back), I offered to make pernil (Puerto Rican roasted pork) if Evy made some side dishes.

That offer was accepted and I was stuck making pernil for a very picky audience.

So, when I got home, I  treated the cat and changed clothes. Then I made sofrito in the food processor (You can use a blender, if you like).

Sofrito is like the taste of Puerto Rico. They put that sh*t in everything! I have seen a t-shirt that said, "There is too much sofrito in this dish!" said no Boricua EVER!"

Sidebar: Boricua is what they call themselves when not talking to white people.

Anyway, I had googled it and the recipe for pernil was as simple as "cut back the fat cap, use a paring knife to cut some slits and stick a slice of garlic in them. Salt and pepper and, in 3 1/2 hours, you are good to go!" all the way up to a ridiculous complex marinade recipe.

All of them suggested cutting back the fat cap, however. Apparently,a crispy fat cap is a good thing.

So, I cut back the fat cap and slashed cuts in the meat and then slathered it with sofrito. I stuck it in a extra-large baggie and then stuck it in the fridge for the night.

I ate the last of the Greek pasta salad for dinner.

I didn't bother with the TV, I was way too tired for that. I just read a book until I fell asleep.

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  1. BBQ for lunch, cooking Puerto Rican and eating Greek. You're very global!