Friday, September 9, 2016


I drove through light rain on Thursday morning to work. There goes my car wash...

We didn't have any real storms today, just occasional splash and dash showers. But the skies looked ominous all damn day. It wasn't all that hot, but the humidity was awful.

I went to Big Boy for lunch and, to abstain from my lunchtime sins of yesterday, I got a Caesar side salad and the half sandwich of turkey on multi-grain bread. I also got my favorite waitress there, which was even better.

The wind picked up in the afternoon.

I had yet another robo-call from CVS, so I stopped on the way home to pick up a prescription. Since I was there anyway, I popped in next door and ordered a quart of chicken fried rice. This time I ordered from the daughter (I assume) but I was pleased to see when I got home there was no packets of soy sauce, a spork, napkin or fortune cookie.

Sidebar: I told the mother years ago to save the money as I didn't use any of those things. Nice to know they still remember me!

I stuck the bag in the microwave to keep warm while I changed my clothes.

I checked the rain gauge and we barely got a quarter of an inch of rain today.

As I said, the heat wasn't obsessive, so I decided to plant the other hydrangea. I got out the wheel barrow, shovel and my work gloves.

Sidebar: I noticed my work gloves had worn through in spots. So much for mule-skin gloves! Time for a replacement.

I picked the spot, pushed aside the mulch and cut through the landscape fabric with the box cutter. I dug the hole deep and wide, then filled it in a bit with potting soil. I dumped a bucket of water in and let it settle. Then I roughed up the root ball and stuck the hydrangea in. I filled in the gaps with potting soil, tamped it down, put the mulch back and dumped another bucket of water on it.

I noticed that yesterday's intense rain had beaten down the flowers on the first hydrangea I planted.

Since I had to take the old dirt back to the compost heap, I took the time to cut back the farm iris in that garden for the winter.

You can tell by these photes just how effective the "weeding I paid for was...  Bastards!
 I saw one (and only one) of my roses finally flowered (the heat has been particularly hard on them this year).

I also noticed that one species of plants (and I forget their name) was flourishing!

I dumped the old dirt and the iris clippings on the compost heap and then put everything away.

Back inside, I washed up and plated half the chicken fried rice. I ate a great dinner (their egg rolls suck, but they make the best chicken fried rice I ever had).

I didn't even look at the TV, but read until bedtime.