Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Rainy Day

It rained, and rained hard every now and then, all day. Freeways in Detroit were shut down (one car floated away) and even driving around here was tricky.

I had to go to the Credit Union at lunch, so I went to the one at Seven Mile and Newburgh and ended up eating at the Big Boy again. This time I had the chicken Caesar salad. It was good, but I couldn't eat it all.

Sidebar: I got a soaker walking to the truck through the rushing water.

When I got home, I walked out back (in the rain) to check the gauge. It was just over four inches!!! This time I had to dump it as it only holds six inches.

During the afternoon, I had some ideas of what I would do when I got home. But, I was lazy. I watched the news, heated up some ham and bean soup for dinner, watched two taped DIY shows and went to bed early.


  1. I am starting to suspect you just made the bean soup for yourself.

  2. LMAO! Of course I did. Had she been around, I would have offered some to Vicky. But, I have learned the hard way, the Puerto Rican palette does not agree with Michigan white people food. Plus, she's not all that prompt returning my containers. I'm just saying...