Thursday, September 15, 2016

And then it was Wednesday

Wednesday morning, I got ready for work. Then I got out my oval slow cooker. I put in the veggies, then the herbs. I threw in two dried bay leaves as well. I snuggled the roast into the vegetables and added a box of beef stock. Finally, I added a splash of soy sauce as my mystery ingredient. I turned the slow cooker on low when I left for work.

I drove to work in light rain. It ended before my morning walk.

I went to Eastside Mario's for lunch. I got a bowl of Italian wedding soup and a Caesar salad. Both were delicious. I had plenty of time left, so I drove down Merriman to Hines Drive and drove through the park back to work.

I stopped at CVS on the way home and talked to the pharmacist. I asked him if they had burn cream. He said that burn blisters like mine go either way: either they shrink by themselves or burst. He said if they burst, the important thing is to keep them covered with antibacterial cream (like neosporan, which I have at home). So, I'm good.

The house smelled delicious when I walked in. I made myself wait until 6:00 p.m., then I took out the roast and veggies. I cut off enough of the roast for tonight's dinner, added some veggies to the plate and topped it all off with some of the au jus.

Dinner was excellent and perfectly paired with the fall-like feel of the day.

The rest of the au jus went into a container (to make into gravy). The rest of the roast and veggies went into another container and both containers went into the fridge.

I watched a taped TV show but went to bed early.


  1. Glad to hear that your going to live! Roast sounds delicious.

  2. Dinner sounds great. What are you going to do with the gravy?

  3. I thought I'd make mashed potatoes with the left over roast. Besides, I am still determined to make a beef gravy as good as my Mother. Has never happened to date.

    I remember, as a child, when the mashed potatoes ran out (there was a lot of us eating), taking a slice of white bread, buttering it and then dumping her gravy over it. HEAVEN!

    I can't duplicate it, but I try...

  4. Maybe she used dried parsley, Kitchen Bouquet, and garlic powder?

  5. @ Jyl: Not sure, but I did buy a bottle of Kitchen Bouquet, just in case.