Thursday, August 11, 2016


I overslept on Wednesday, due to the damn Olympics. I still made it to work on time, just not as early as I like.

I took Vicky to lunch at Red Lobster. As we were walking to our booth somebody said, "Hi, Vicky! Hi, John!" I automatically said "Hi!" back even though I couldn't place the face. So, when we sat down, I asked her who that was. She said, "He works at Building 50 and his name is John Towns."

No wonder I couldn't place him! Last time I saw him, his hair was coal black. Today he was all gray!

Had another "moment" when Mark Slack came in to talk to Fred. I hadn't seen him since I worked up at Building 73. He shook my hand and I remarked how skinny he looked. He said he'd lost 40+ pounds!

Sidebar: I wish I could do that...

Back home after work, I called Carla for her birthday. Then I went outside and hooked up the oscillating sprinkler and watered the English garden out front.

I made one of the smaller DiGiorno pizzas for my dinner after I added some banana peppers and more mozzarella cheese.

I watched the Olympics until midnight (again).