Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Toasty Tuesday

It was muggy and hot again on Tuesday.

That made me rethink my original idea of getting the rest of the mulch I needed at lunch, as I knew it would be too hot to spread it after work.

Instead, I went to the credit union and got the lien released on the correct title for the bike. It took a while to convince them that nothing fishy was going on, and that the Secretary of State just messed up the original one.

On the way home, I stopped at CVS for more band-aids. I got a wicked blister on my finger that burst and I only had one at the house. Since I was there anyway, I popped in next door and bought a quart of chicken fried rice for dinner (I am tired of leftovers).

Back at home, I watered the rear gardens and then stuck the hose on the soaker hose in the vegetable garden. I harvested the few tomatoes (Italian and Big Boy) that were ripe. I eat all the cherry tomatoes whenever I visit.  Like the peas were, they are a nice snack.

I'm thinking BLTs!

I took a picture of the front garden work so you know what I am talking about.

My daughter Melissa called. I turned her onto Scott Pace to fix her AC problem and he had contacted her. So, she thanked me.

I warmed up the fried rice and ate that for dinner watching the Olympics.

Sidebar: These are addictive to me...

I finally turned them off around midnight and went to bed.


  1. The tomatoes look wonderful!

  2. Thanks! First year in a long while the critters didn't eat them.

  3. Tomatoes look great! Was there no landscape fabric down originally?