Saturday, August 27, 2016

Then there was Friday...

I got up early Friday morning (I woke up all night long). The alarm on my phone went off while I was reading in bed (sh*t! I forgot to turn that sucker off). Unfortunately, it woke up Jake and Carla as well. They politely asked me to "disable that damn thing" when I joined them downstairs for coffee...

I assured them it is only set for weekdays.

Jake and Carla both left, as she had a 10:00 a.m. appointment.

I did the Blog and shaved and showered while she was gone.

When she got back from her appointment, she took me to the Cracker Barrel for bunch. It was delicious and the most I've eaten in almost a week!

Then we drove to Jake's work. I don't know what "threat level" they are at, but I couldn't get onto the base. So, I had to wait in the Visitor Center (or what ever its called) at the gate. The lady behind the counter asked if she could help me and I explained I was instructed to wait here until Carla returned with Jake.

While I was waiting, a little old black lady came in with her two small grandkids (both boys and maybe 3 and 4 years old). The man behind the counter asked if he could help her. She said she was supposed to pick up her son, but now she was going to jail!

It turned out when she stopped at the gate, the soldier noticed neither kid was in a car seat, so he told her to pull off and wait while he called the civilian police.

Sidebar: It seems that he daughter-in-law had dropped off the boys, but forgot the car seats. She had to get her son,  so she put them in the back seat, put their seat belts on and drove in.

So, she sat and waited for the police. Her grandsons kept saying, "Please don't go to jail!" The older one said, "I promise to be good if you don't go." She turned to him and said, "Why, you're not bad! You sometimes don't listen, but that doesn't mean you're bad."

Broke my heart!

Eventually, a woman police officer showed up, along with the daughter-in-law and the car seats. There was a long discussion, the seats and kids were installed in Granny's car and everyone went their separate ways. So, Grandma didn't go to jail, but I think she had a ticket in her hand as she left.

Jake and Carl finally rescued me and we went back home.  Carla and I visited while we watched some taped TV shows.

Going outside was like going into a sauna, BTW.

We decided on pizza for dinner. I still felt full from brunch, but I did manage to eat two pieces of excellent pizza.

We watched some taped TV shows we all like and then finally went to bed. It was funny, as in Jake and Carla world, we "stayed up late."  Bedtime was 9:15 p.m!

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