Saturday, August 6, 2016

The real finally friday...

It was ungodly hot and muggy on Friday. But, an approaching cold front promised rain and cooler temps over the weekend.

I  walked outside in the morning but didn't like it.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got one of their "today's specials" - a barbecue chicken sandwich and fries for $6.99. The fries were as good as always, but I was unimpressed with the sandwich. It was a chicken breast with Swiss cheese and some barbecue sauce dumped on it afterwards. It lacked a barbecue "flavor."

I checked with my waitress, Amanda, on the availability of 15-20 of us descending on them next Thursday after work for Vicky's going away party. She said it would be fine, she would take care of me (and she always has...)

The humidity was messing with my arthritis, big time. So, I ended up getting my cane out of the truck (where I keep it for emergencies) and just limping around. The afternoon passed slowly (as it does on a Friday)  but finally I was headed home. Still no rain here, BTW.

Once home and in the air conditioning, I decided to take the night off.  So, I did.

When I was hungry, I warmed up a hot dog and two ears of corn.

I watched the start of the summer Olympics until I fell asleep. It never rained here...

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