Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunday's Story.

Sunday was more or less a repeat of Saturday, but without the big meal. Mostly, I watched the Olympics. I did do some outside work, mostly in the back trimming bushes, etc. That's when I discovered the weeders had been here.

I gave my neighbor a cucumber and later, he hung a bag of hot peppers on the fence. I'll take them into work and give them to Fred.

I watered the container gardens that needed it and checked out the front gardens. It was a little more dramatic as they not only pulled out all the weeds, but most of the tiger lilies!

Oh well, the things are weeds. They'll grow back. But I should put down some landscape fabric and mulch.

I went back inside and back to watching the Olympics. Dinner was leftovers and more Olmpics until I finally fell asleep.


  1. Wow! They did a nice job on the gardens but sorry about the tiger lilies.

  2. I'm sure they will grow back, but I may just use the extra space for more plants, bushes or maybe a small tree.

  3. I dunno.. ornamental or fruit. Maybe something that flowers...