Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday's Story

I woke up late on Sunday, although I thought it was still early. It was that overcast outside! I made a cup of coffee and ate my muffin. Delicious!!!

I watched the news for a while and they said there was a strong chance of showers, beginning around noon. So, I figured I’d better hustle! I checked the rain gauge and we got a solid inch of rain! Hurray!

I decided I would do the outside wiring first. That way, if it did rain, I could work in the garage. First, I ran some wire into the light box. Then I got the ladder and went out back. I stripped the wire and wired up the light fixture.

But, there was a problem (there always is). With the real deep box, the screws that hold on the light fixture were too short, so I couldn’t get the acorn nuts on. Dammit!

So, I took off the glass and the light bulb and left it dangling from the ground wire. I’ll get longer screws on Monday. 

I missed a call from my daughter, Melissa. So, I called her back and told her I was busy right now, but promised to call her later.

I got busy on the outside electrical box. I drilled a hole through the vinyl siding for the wire. 

The box came with two tabs if you weren’t attaching it to conduit (which I wasn’t) but they overhung the vinyl! So, I took the box in the garage and drilled two holes inside of it. I 
screwed it on with deck screws.

I ran more wire through, wired in the plug and put on the cover. The box and cover are white, instead of almond (like the siding). I’ll take a sample of the siding to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy some spray paint, I guess.

I had to get some gas for the truck and stop at CVS, so I threw some long pants on and went down the street. Back home, I left the truck outside.

The sky still looked ominous, so I planted the two flowers I bought on Saturday in the container gardens after digging out the old dead ones. These are Montauk Daisies, a perennial that are supposed to attract butterflies. I like butterflies, so I’ll replant them in the fall in the English garden and hope they winter over.

It was a little after noon, so I figured I’d better get my grilling in, so I started some charcoal. When the coals were hot, I dumped them and cleaned the grill. I oiled it and then cooked five ears of corn and a package of Kogel’s hot dogs.

While the corn was grilling, I diced up an onion. When everything was ready, I ate an ear of corn with butter and salt and two hot dogs on buns, with yellow mustard and onions.

I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and decided I needed to rest my legs a little (that ladder was getting to me!) So, I laid on the bed watching a DIY show. Of course, I fell asleep.
When I woke up I figured I’d better call Melissa back. So, I did. We talked a long time, as per usual.

I had planned on making dinner after we hung up. But, by then, I didn’t feel like it. And, I didn’t feel like working in the garage, either. So, I ate some cheese and crackers as a snack while I watched TV. It finally started raining before I went to sleep.