Monday, August 15, 2016

Steamy Sunday

I woke up early on Sunday. As soon as it was light enough, I went out and checked the rain gauge. We picked up another half inch here in Redford. Bringing the weekend total to one inch. I know some other places got up to three inches, but I'll take what I got. Grass looks better already!

I did the usual Sunday morning chores, then shaved, showered and got dressed. Around 9:00 a.m., I headed out for the Kroger's on Ford Road.

Sidebar: Why not my usual one on Five Mile? Because the Ford Road one has a gas station where I can redeem my fuel points and my gas tank was almost empty.

So, I got my seedless grapes and Kikkoman soy sauce and the went to the gas station. I got 50 cents off each gallon (I rarely redeem fuel points so they build up) and paid just $1.79 a gallon!!!

I was pleased, so I treated myself to a sausage and egg McMuffin and a hash brown on the way home.

I left the truck outside while I changed. Then I went out to the shed and got the wheel barrow and rake.

Sidebar: The temperature wasn't that bad but the humidity was awful. I was sweating before I got up front!

Then I put the last four bags of mulch on the landscape fabric.

Sidebar: I was embarrassed. Here's all these black families, coming home from church. The men were dressed in suits, the women in lovely dresses and hats. And here's this old, sweaty white guy in shorts and a ripped t-shirt waving to them as they said hello to me...

I finally finished that project and locked the wheel barrow and rake back in the shed. I went inside to cool off. That took about an hour!

I washed the kitchen floor as I was walking out.

Then I went out in the garage. I opened the door (hoping to lure an errant breeze inside) and then sanded the drywall mud down. That left an incredible amount of fine drywall dust everywhere. So, I spent a lot of time cleaning it up with a broom and the wet-vac.

Next, I started to break out the drywall from the light switch to the new back wall. I used the skill saw set at 1/2 inch depth (this worked really good on the other wall). But, it didn't work so well here.

Note: I cut out an area way too big at first.

What I found was that, underneath the drywall, was tar paper and another 1/2 of some sort of pressed cardboard (or something) board BEFORE you got to the studs.

I cut a much smaller section out of the second board. I drilled through the 2x4's that I could.

Sidebar: This is starting to look really do-able!

But, the project was halted when I got to where Rick had attached his wall end (consisting of two 2x4's) to the existing stud. I don't have a drill bit long enough to go through three 2x4's.

So, I quit for now. I pulled the truck back inside and buttoned everything up.

Inside, I stayed downstairs. I washed the dust off my crocs and stripped down. I took a rinse-off shower to get the dust off of me. Then I went upstairs and laid on the bed. My back was killing me!

I turned on the Olympics and watched for a bit until I fell asleep (which was what I was hoping for - I needed a nap!)

When I woke up it was just after 4:00 p.m., so I got the steak and brats out of the fridge to come to room temperature.

I went outside and fired up the charcoal.

Sidebar: The sun was gone. It was still hot, but overcast. The promised cold front had still not moved through.

I grilled the sweet corn first. Then I shucked it and stuck it on a half sheet pan in a 200 degree oven to keep warm.

I grilled the brats next. I know its a lot of brats, but it was buy one, get one free. I'll freeze half of them.

Then, I grilled the steak. It started sprinkling about then, so I went inside and got the warmer lid so the charcoal wouldn't be drowned out.

While the steak cooked, I mixed up a horseradish and mayo sauce to top it with.

Finally, I cut thin slices of half the steak and drizzled my dressing on it. I buttered two ears of sweet corn and salted them. I ate a delicious dinner!

Sidebar: I never ate lunch, so I was hungry and forgot to take a picture of the dinner plate. Sorry...

I cleaned up the mess and ran the dishwasher.

I quit then and went and watched the Olympics until bedtime.

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