Sunday, August 14, 2016


It rained again on Friday night. I don't know if it was a thunderstorm (I never heard any thunder) but I picked up a total of a half inch of rain by Saturday morning! Yes!!!

It wasn't as hot on Saturday, (only 85) but there was 98% humidity. It was so bad that the picture window in the living room was frosted over!

The same thing happened to my glasses whenever I went outside from the house or truck.

Before I left, I went and harvested my cherry tomatoes. I needed them for tonight's pasta salad.

I wore one of my lightweight golf shirts to run my errands. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't have a shirt pocket, so my carefully crafted grocery list was forgotten and stayed on the kitchen table...

I realized this at the barber shop when I had to ask Michelle to set my glasses down. I told myself that, since I had just filled it out an hour before, I could just remember what I needed.

It was sprinkling a little when I walked into Kroger's. We were supposed to get occasional showers all day, due to the heat and humidity.

I walked the aisles, "remembering" what I needed. I made two impulse buys: peaches and plums (both looked fantastic).

Then I stopped at Westborn and bought some sweet corn. It's so cheap now! $1.98 for 12 ears. I can't fit 12 ears of corn on my state park grill (much less eat them all) so I got six.

I made a quick stop at Home Depot and got some tree fertilizer stakes. My Japanese maple is starting to look poorly. I have been watering it, but I think it doesn't like this weather, either.

I left the truck outside to unload the groceries. As I put them away, I checked them off the list. I missed two items. I wanted a back-up bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce for the pantry (so no big deal), but I needed seedless green grapes for tonight's dinner!

Sidebar: Dammit! I think I got distracted by the peaches and plums.

I changed my clothes and went out in the garage. I put the second coat of mud on the drywall tape and then pulled the truck inside.

It was raining again. I decided today would be a good day to stay inside and clean the house (something I've been neglecting). So, I did.

Sidebar: I deliberately did NOT turn on the Olympics so I wouldn't get hooked into watching them. I turned on the radio, instead.

I dusted, swept the floors and them mopped them. I deep cleaned the downstairs shower.

I took a break and ate some braunschweiger on rye bread with hot mustard and a pickle on the side. Excellent sandwich!

Then I went back to cleaning.

I went room by room, so the floor would dry as I did the next one.

About 5:30 p.m., Dave Montgomery called and we chatted for a bit. He said he hadn't talked to me in a while. Then he said, "Your daughter wants to talked to you for a few minutes (yeah, right, LOL!) and gave the phone to Melissa. We talked for a long, long time (as usual).

By the time we hung up, I'd lost my ambition and was hungry again. So, I quit for the day and warmed up the rest of the refried beans. I ate them on tortillas again.

I turned on the Olympics and watched it until I fell asleep.

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