Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday down South

I woke up early on Saturday. I read in bed for a while and then gave up and went downstairs. I made a cup of coffee and read until the troops arrived. They ate an oatmeal breakfast (I declined) while I watched more news (I'm a news junkie, if you didn't know).

I was planning on riding along with Jake to run errands, so Carla came and told me I better change if I was going. I told her I hadn't showered or made my bed yet, but she said I should do it afterwards.
Down here, you do everything early, before the stores get crowded and/or it gets too hot.

Sidebar: Makes sense!!!

So, we went to Kroger's, where I picked up some mouthwash (another thing I forgot to bring) and another book. As Jake only had a few items, too, we went through the self-checkout. I did my thing and, after pressing "Pay Now" I reached back for my wallet. It wasn't there!!! I forgot it at home.

Sidebar: I rarely carry it down here.

So, I had to wait (while the machine kept yelling at me to pay or cancel) until Jake was finished and could rescue me. I felt stupid as hell.

Please note: I paid him back upon our arrival at the house.

He went out to cut the backyard grass and I offered to do the trimming. He agreed, so that's what we did.

When I finished, I finally shaved, showered and got dressed.

We had leftover pizza for lunch.

Carla started prepping for tonight dinner, but declined our help.  So, Jake and I watched "Lone Survivor" with Mark Wahlberg. I thought it was excellent, but then again, I like war movies.

Throughout the movie, exotic smells wafted from the kitchen.

Finally, we were called to  dinner. She had made chicken tikka masala served over rice with fresh naan bread.

Need I tell you it was delicious?

I wasn't allowed to clean up (I never am).

Sidebar: This is NOT because they are so nice and loving to me. They just don't think I will do it to their high standards, LOL!

So, I read on the couch. It was far too hot to venture outside (heat index of 106 degrees).

It did rain briefly, with the sun shining! I think the moisture in the air finally got too heavy for itself.

We watched several episodes of the latest "Project Runway" shows and then went to bed around 9:00 p.m. I read for another hour and then went to sleep.

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