Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

It was Monday morning and so back to work. It wasn't as warm, but still very humid. In fact, my boss sent us a text saying her asthma was so bad she had to stay home.

I got ready, grabbed a couple peaches and headed out.

It was a quiet day for the most part. I guess I never realized how rowdy my boss is, LOL!

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and got the won ton and egg roll. Excellent as always. My favorite waitress always put extra dumplings in the soup.

Sidebar: She seems very concerned about my health. Last time our discussion was about walking. She thinks I should walk more. Today she wanted to know how much sleep I get every night. Maybe she's working as a waitress to get through med school? Or, maybe I just look old and frail...

Our conversations are difficult, because of her accent and poor English, but if I can figure out a Puerto Rican, I can figure out a Chinese woman, I reckon.

From there I went to Lowe's.

Sidebar: There were two things I forgot to tell you. One was that when I was vacuuming yesterday, my vacuum crapped out. I thought I blew a fuse or something, so I tried another plug. Nothing. Dead as a door nail!

Now I can get it repaired (I have done that with other vacuums in the past) but, I hate that sucker! It's way too big for the task. I only have the 6' x 8' area rug in the living room. But, the cordless sweeper is too lightweight to get the cat hair off. So, I need a real vacuum, just not that heavy-duty (and heavy).

The other thing I didn't mention was that I realized without the can lights I'd imagined in the kitchen, my antique light fixture would leave the kitchen too dark. So, I think I'll leave that project for later and a real electrician. But, I can't just leave that temporary light bulb up there. It's not enough light and looks like shit.

So, I bought the drill bits I thought I might need, a smaller vacuum and a modern ceiling fan with four lights.

Sidebar: Yes, I know... I had a perfectly good three light ceiling fan I took down (with great difficulty) and tried to give to Vicky's family. That turned out to be a bad idea and it ended up in the trash.

Well, live and learn.

It was sprinkling on the way back to work, but it was only a brief shower. Then the sun came blazing back!

I volunteered for and started a new project. It was boring, mundane work, but somebody has to do it.

At 4:30 p.m. I sent Vicky a text, saying "Buenas noches, chica!" I have done that every night since forever, using our internal Skype feature. But this time I had to use a text. She sent me back one saying "Buenas noches, chico!" as she always did. So, we're good.

I left work under some trepidation. The sky was overcast and looked angry. My biggest fears were realized when a rain that Noah would have recognized hit while I was on the freeway. Even with the wipers on high, I couldn't see spit! Traffic slowed to 45 mph and the spray from the overloaded drains didn't help.

I finally got home and sat in the driveway. Here was my conundrum: I have to unload the truck outside and it was pouring! I sat there about 10 minutes, waiting for it to pass. Then I gave up. I got the ceiling fan and the vacuum (both big boxes) inside and then pulled the truck in.

I was drenched! I ignored the wailing cat, went to the wash machine and stripped. I toweled off and then I went in and treated the cat. I set my shoes on the shoe rack to dry off and got dressed in short and a t-shirt.

I watched the news for a while and then put together the vacuum. Easy-peasy. I tested it out and it worked great.

Then I went out in the garage and tried one of the drill bits. It worked, so I'll take the other drill bit back. Sounds like nothing, I know, but it cost $18.00 and I'll never use it.

BTW, the rain stopped and the sun was shining again.

I ran the wire with great difficulty, but by then it was 7:30 p.m. and with the overcast skies, I had no time to  strip the wires and hook everything up without lights.

So, I went inside and warmed up two brats. I ate them with yellow mustard on potato hot dog buns with more coleslaw.

Sidebar: That's another thing I forgot to mention. I made coleslaw on Sunday with a bag of coleslaw mix and half a bottle of Marzetti original Slaw dressing. Outstanding.

I watched the Olympics until I fell asleep. I can't make it to midnight anymore...


  1. I don't remember Mama said ever saying that. So....
    what kind of vacuum did you buy?

  2. That's just because she wasn't black, Bro. But, she would have if she was. Instead she leaned towards, "Suck it up, buttercup!"

    I bought another Bissel, but this one's a lot smaller and a LOT lighter. The weight might not sound important, but since I keep it in the foyer closet (one step down below the main floor) I have had to pick that sucker up every time I need to use it.

    This one's called the Cleanview maximizer pet (I have cat hair problems). It's a couple of inches smaller and a whole hell of a lot lighter. And, cost me $129.00 rather than the $200.00 plus I paid for the original one.