Saturday, August 13, 2016


I just realized I had not mentioned that, during this little heat wave, the rooftop A/C unit that feeds our little office and the vestibule has been broken. The temperature, despite keeping the door open and using fans to try and suck in some of the other, cooler, air, was 81 degrees on Thursday and 84 on Friday.

Facilities worked on it both days. Friday afternoon it finally seemed to be working correctly and the temperature was down to 76 by the time we went home.

Once I got home,I changed out of my soggy clothes and into a t-shirt and shorts. I did not go outside, except to attach the hose to the soaker hose in the vegetable garden and then again to disconnect it.

Sidebar: With the heat and humidity (the heat index was 101 degrees here in the D today) they predicted pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. We got one at work (I got wet closing my truck windows) for about 10 minutes. But I saw no sign of rain at the house, so I watered my veggies. I also took in four more tomatoes.

Sure enough, it rained here about 8:00 p.m.! But it was more a quick splash and dash than a real thunderstorm and over, again, in about 10 minutes.

I was going to make another salad for dinner, but then remembered I used up all the lettuce last night. Hmmm... So, I went with my homemade easy-peasy Mexican dish.

Sidebar: It's not necessarily a true Mexican dish, but it has enough of the elements that I think I can call it that.

So, I warmed up a can of refried beans on the stove. While they were heating, I toasted two 8-inch flour tortillas on the stove grate over the open flame. When the beans were done, I put some of them on the tortillas, topped them with diced sweet onions and a little taco sauce. I added some shredded sharp cheddar cheese, rolled them up and ate dinner.

I watched the Olympics again until midnight.


  1. So, they're kind of like bean burritos? Sounds quick and easy.

  2. Yeah. Plus the beans are in small cans on the pantry shelf and the flour tortillas stay fresh in the fridge forever. So, the ingredients are always on hand.