Saturday, August 20, 2016

Finally Friday

I got a lot of sleep on Thursday night, so I made it a point to get into work early. It was another hot, humid day.

Sidebar: I heard on WDET news that scientists have confirmed that, across America as a whole, this July was the hottest on record since records were kept (1885?). Oh, and that the polar ice cap is now mush (think the difference between an ice cube and crushed ice). No global warming? Get real. We are fncked. The only good thing is that I'm old enough that I'll be dead before it gets too bad...

Speaking about long-term problems, I also heard on the news that they are going to rebuild I-75. It will be a total gut and rebuild (entrance and exit ramps, over-passes, the roadway, etc. - like they did my section of I-96). The project is expected to take 14 years to complete!

Think about that for a moment...

Little Yanessa will be driving by that point.

So, any trips you wanted to take to Frankenmuth, or Birch Run, or bow hunting or to the UP (I-75 is the only expressway north) will be screwed...

That old Chinese curse (may you live in interesting times) has come true...

I went to Time Out for lunch and got the fish and chips. This time it was excellent as ever. It was slow there, so my waitress sat and chatted with me while I ate. She went to her concert last night (I forget who it was, not that I recognized his name). But, she got her nails done (not easy on a waitress salary) and was thrilled by him coming into the audience. She actually touched him! She had pictures to prove it.

Sidebar: Okay, that sounds silly. But, if you remember, I was the one who was struck dumb when meeting Michael Simon at the Roast (thank you again, Jake and Carla). So I understand hero worship.

She also showed me pictures of her son's seventh birthday and her current boyfriend's picture. He was smiling and she was proud of that.

From there, I went and got the truck washed.

Later in the day, around 3:00 p.m., we had a brief shower. So much for the car wash. I can't catch a break here.

I talked briefly with Michelle Pace. They are going to the Woodward Dream Cruise again this year this weekend (so is Fred).

I also chatted with Vicky. She finally tried one of the food trucks (never had the chance, but love the idea) on Campus Martius. She said she had an excellent corned beef sandwich and a drink for less than $10.00. The weather was perfect. So, she ate it on a bench in Campus Martius, listening to a young girl singing a song. Damn! That sounds excellent!

Back home, I treated the cat and changed clothes. I went out back and started harvesting the cherry and Italian tomatoes.

Sidebar: The Big Boy tomatoes Margaret had given me are now being attacked by the skunks (or whoever.

My neighbors were out harvesting their crops too. They offered me a butternut squash, which I appreciated.

I warmed up two brats and a can of Grillin' beans for my dinner. Then I watched the Olympics until bedtime.


  1. The fresh vegs are looking good. Awesome pic

  2. Regarding the skunk attacks, can you not fence your raised garden or are these the dreaded flying skunks?

  3. @ Vicky. Thanks.
    @ Jake: Never could figure out a cheap, easy way to do it.