Friday, July 8, 2016


It was yet another hot, muggy day on Thursday. Oh, and its official! Southeast Michigan is now listed as being in a moderate drought.

I went to Applebee's for lunch. It was too hot for soup, so I got the three cheese chicken cappatavi with a Caesar side salad (first time). I wasn't impressed with their Caesar salad. Their lettuce pieces were way too big and the dressing, while nice and creamy, didn't have nearly enough garlic in it.

Speaking of salads, from the restaurant I went to Randazzo's and got more lettuce, two regular cucumbers and three vine ripen tomatoes so I could make more at home for dinners. It's too damn hot to cook.

We had no pop-up showers in the afternoon, although I heard on the news that New Baltimore did. That's nice. At least my Mother's old gardens got a drink.

Back home, after I changed I went out to the garage and checked on the fan blades. They still felt too sticky to paint. So, I sanded them using the orbital sander and 100 grit sandpaper.

They are so thin I had to come up with a new method of sanding. I got a 1x10 pine board longer than they are, laid one on it and held it down at one end with my Croc. I switched ends when I was finished and finally flipped it over and repeated.

At first, I was just doing it on the garage apron, bending over. But that was uncomfortable. So, I sat on the porch bench and did it there. I switched out the sandpaper after each blade as it was clogging up fast. I could have used 60 grit, I suppose, but they are so thin I didn't want to take off any wood.

When I finished, I took the blower and cleaned off the porch and garage apron. I wiped the blades off with an old t-shirt and took them out back.

I got the sawhorses and that scrap piece of plywood I painted the planter on out of the shed. I laid all the blades on the plywood and started spaying them white (they were black). I got two coats on the first side when I felt some rain drops. Praise the Lord!!!

So, I picked up the plywood and carried it into the shed. I set it on the wheelbarrow to let them dry. I put away the sawhorses and locked the shed.

As I was going into the house, I heard a big splash. It was my neighbor, diving into his pool. Hah! I think at this time I'm as wet as he is!!! It was 92 degrees here.

Back inside, I took a quick, rinse-off shower and changed clothes (mine were literally dripping).

It was already 8:30 p.m., so I just warmed up the rest of the kielbasa and sauerkraut and ate that as a late dinner. I turned on Spartan (a reality team challenge show I like) but I fell asleep before I learned which team won.


  1. What is Spartan about?

  2. It's a team challenge through an outdoor tough obstacle course. It's interesting to me for some reason. Not that I could do it, but I admire those who can.

  3. Is this the one you watch, John: