Friday, July 15, 2016


It was warm again on Thursday. We had a brief shower overnight, but just a splash in the rain gauge, not enough to measure.

The techs in the back save their soda bottles and cans (and techs drink a LOT of soda) and every now and then, they cash them in and have a pizza party. This time they decided to try something different. So, they ordered a huge party sub from Subway, chips and, of course, soda.

So, I didn't go out to lunch.

The Subway folks had the basic meats, cheese and lettuce in the bun, with black olives, onions, banana peppers and so on in individual cups, along with mustard and mayo so you could customize your sandwich. Nice touch!

The sandwich  was excellent, but way too big and way too filling.

When I got home, Jake called and we talked for a bit, mostly about security concerns (what else), LOL! Then I hard-boiled some eggs. While they cooled, I got to my main task for the night: Finding my revised bike title.

If you remember, I went through nine kinds of hell to get my title amended to reflect the correct model year of the bike. The first one I got had a typo and said the bike was a 1983. So, after many visits to the Secretary of State (SOS) office and having the police over to verify the VIN number, etc., they finally sent my the correct title.

Well, the Credit Union just sent me a copy of the title with the lien released. But, it was the 1983 model year one!!! I just assumed the SOS would have sent them the corrected title.

I figured I'd take in both to the Credit Union and have them release the lien on the correct one.

But, when I went into the fire safe where I keep titles and such, IT  WASN'T THERE!

So, now I'm tearing the house apart, trying to figure out where I put it.

It was about 7:30 p.m. and I was still at it when B___ called. We haven't talked in a while and we both had stories to tell. We hung up about an hour later.

By then I was not interested in making dinner. So, I just ate a couple hard boiled eggs with horseradish and called it good.

I replaced the batteries in the TV remote (I tried to watch Netflix the other day and couldn't change the HDMI). I checked it and it worked. But, I decided it was too late to get interested in a movie so I went to bed, instead.


  1. Maybe the bike really is an '83 and you dreamed the whole part about the SOS. If it wasn't a dream, you would have the title, right?

  2. I had the fncking thing in my hands, dude! And I can't find it! I'm gonna have to go to the SOS (again) and apply for a new title, I guess.