Friday, July 1, 2016


Thursday was warmer, but with no rain yet again. BTW, this is the 10th driest June on record for Michigan.

I went to Big Boy for lunch and then decided I really didn't want lunch. So, I ordered breakfast. I had two eggs over easy, sausage links and hash browns with rye toast. It was delicious!

Back home after work, I changed clothes and hooked the hose up to the soaker hose. Then I started hand watering the container gardens, the mailbox garden and any perennial that looked limp and sad (which was a lot of them).

Sidebar: There is a "slight" chance of rain on Friday morning, but I have been fooled by that forecast too many times this month!

Back inside, I talked to my friend B___. We chatted until it was time to turn the water off.

I cooked two hot dogs in the microwave while some Bush's Grillin' beans heated up on the stove.

Sidebar: I was going to grill them outside but it was too late and too hot.

I watched some taped TV before going to bed.


  1. Thanks for using the stove to heat beans. I find that for things like that (liquid or dense), the stove is faster and more consistent that the microwave. That's not to say the microwave doesn't do an excellent job of heating the container.

  2. Yes, that's my complaint about microwaves. The bowl is too hot to touch, but the inside stuff is still cold in the middle.