Monday, July 11, 2016


I woke up at dawn. I threw on my shorts and t-shirt and went outside. I dragged the hose out front, hooked up the oscillating sprinkler and watered the front grass and gardens for an hour.

I came back inside, ate some soft boiled eggs and took my pills. I watched the news for a while and then did my usual Sunday morning chores. Then I shaved, showered, dressed in my town clothes and left for errands.

First stop was Home Depot. I got some screws, washers and lock washers for the fan project and some 2x2 drywall sheets, mud and tape for my garage project.

Then I went to Kroger's and did the grocery shopping for the week. Main thing on my list was the damn cat treats!

Back at home, it was already heating up and it was only 10:30 a.m.  I left the truck outside with the windows cracked. I put my shorts and t-shirt back on and went to work in the garage.

Sidebar: Having the small window that opens is a blessing when its hot. I had the garage door open and there was at least a breeze blowing through.

I had bought a saw specifically made to cut into drywall. But it's made to cut out holes for, like, an electrical box. Sawing out a big chunk of drywall was way to much work! So, I got the Skill saw, set it for 1/2" depth and cut the hole that way.

Needless to say, between the plaster dust and the sweat on my body, by the time I finished I looked like the abominable snowman!

I broke up the drywall into small chunks that fit into a garbage bag and swept up the dust. It was after noon by then, so I went inside and took another shower. Then I got dressed in my trash pants and a wife-beater shirt. I called Vicky and asked if she was home.  She said yes, so I headed out.

When I got there, she and her brother Luis where trying to find studs to put up a shelf in the laundry room.

I checked the wires going to the lights and they were dead. It occurred to me last night that since the fan worked, but not the lights, the white wire must have come out of the wire nut.

It also occurred to me that that mysterious wire (looked like picture-hanging wire) that was wrapped around one of the unused holes served a purpose. I'm guessing he tied it to the fixture so he could connect the electrical wires!

Sidebar: The way we did it yesterday was Vicky stood on the two bar stools, holding it up over her head while I wired it. Not cool!

I went and broke the bad news that we had to take it down. So, they both quit. I told Lu that Vicky and I could get it and she said, "No, you are NOT climbing that ladder today. You scared me yesterday and I thought you might fall." I said, "How the hell do you think that fan came down at my house?" She said, "I don't care. You hand us stuff when we need it, but no ladder today!"

Sidebar: Puerto Rican women can be very bossy. But then they bring you lemonade and sit and chat with you under the cabana. So, I don't take it personal...

They took off the fan blades and then got the motor down. I had them wire in two longer wires first to the short ones in the ceiling. We checked and they were both live. I put the picture wire back on the fan and had them wire it to the fixture Then Lu wired the fan and lights in. They attached the fan to the fixture and turned it on. The fan work, but not the lights!

I said that white wire must be broken or something, because it worked fine at my house. So, they tried taking off the next section, There were a lot of wires in there, but none looked broken or loose. They put it back together  and then the damn fan didn't work!!!

We all took a short break to cool off and think.

We were sitting there with now two unusable fans, no light in the living room and her Mother is due home on Thursday. So, in the end, she and I ran up to the Home Depot in Dearborn and she bought another fan. It wasn't as big as mine, nor as elaborate as their old broken one, but it was only $59.00.

We drove it back. It was amazing how far they've come! Mine is at least 12 years old and their old was was even older.

But, this one had a hook on the ceiling fixture to hang the motor on while you wired it.and the light kit just plugged into the fan wires! I called out the assembly instructions. They worked on that while I screwed together the fan blades to the brackets. We had it up and operating in about a half hour!

Since they are cleaning up for Evy's return, I volunteered  to take the two fans and the new fan's box home and put it out with my trash.

Just then, her Uncle Jose and his wife showed up. Five minutes later, Yanessa's grandparents brought her home from up North. Yanessa's grandmother, Crisi, gave me a big hug, even though I warned her I was sweaty.

Sidebar: It was nice to see them all again, especially Yanessa, who told me all about her vacation. But I was dressed like a bum and my deodorant was long gone! I had hoped to be gone before they showed up.

But we visited for a while, and the guys helped me load my tools, the step ladder and the junk in my truck. I made my goodbyes and headed home.

It was about 6:00 p.m. when I got there. I had planned on getting back to work in the garage, but I was beat.  So, I just took my third shower of the day. I made some dinner and ate watching the TV. But, I turned it off around 8:30 p.m. and went to bed.


  1. "Puerto Rican women can be very bossy." Not so much "bossy" as sometimes you only understand aggression :)~

  2. Sounds like a long but productive day!

  3. Well, we eventually got 'er done...