Monday, July 18, 2016

Panic in Detroit!

I woke up, wide awake at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday. Try as I might, I couldn't fall back asleep. So, I eventually said, "Fnck it!" and got up.

Sidebar: I really did say "Fnck it!"

It was cool outside, so I opened some windows to air out the house.

Sidebar: I have this personal problem in both winter and summer. I always think the air inside is stale. I don't know if its true, but I try to let in fresh air whenever I can.

I eventually made some scrambled eggs and topped them with hot sauce for my breakfast. Then I got ready for my Saturday morning errands.

Before I left, I stripped the bed and started the washer.

First stop was the barber shop for a haircut. Then I went to Kroger's to resupply.

I was stopped at the light in the left turn lane at Inkster and Plymouth Road when I saw my first LSV (Jake is enamored with them)! At first, I thought somebody had put a body on a Cam-am Spyder, but no. There was a steering wheel and not handlebars. Cool!

I left the truck outside so I could unload it. It took many trips after treating the cat.

I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. Then I went out back and hooked the hose to the soaker hose in the vegetable garden. A few of the tomato branches were going crazy so I got the Velcro tape out of the shed and hooked them to the trellis. I have some nice looking green tomatoes. Now if the damn skunks let them ripen I should be good!

I ate some more of the sugar snap peas as a snack and then moved on to the blackberries. They are just about done for the year, between the birds, me and the heat.

The garden at the back of the house and the herb gardens are doing great (because I can easily reach them with the hose)

I went in the house and set the timer for an hour. I entered my debit card receipt from Kroger and then thought I'd check my bank account. Oh shit! I have transferred $405.11 from my checking to my credit card (to pay off the balance and avoid interest) but I had inadvertently done it twice!! I was panicking!!!  So, I called up my bank. After a 24 minute wait, I finally got to talk to a person. A very nice young lady, who reversed one of the payments.  However, she said it might take two-four days and I still might get an overdraft fee. Sigh...

Then I took a well-deserved nap (this getting up at 3:00 a.m. was killing me!)

I woke up two hours later, so the vegetable garden was well-watered, LOL! I rewound the hose and came inside.

It was still pretty cool, so I baked some bacon for my lunch. I made a nice BLT and ate it with some Better Made BBQ chips.

Then I went out in the garage and started rearranging stuff so I could get to my table saw.

The hardest thing to move was the drying rack I made for Vicky's cupboard doors.It's made out of 2x4's and screwed to two saw horses. So, I'd lift and pull one end until the other saw horse started to tip.  Then I'd lift that end and straighten the legs out. Each attempt only got me about eight inches, but I eventually got it where I wanted it.

I moved other things as well (and a lot easier). Finally, I pulled the truck back inside. Perfect!

Flushed with success (or maybe the heat in the garage), I quit for the night after bringing in my new (old) kitchen light.

I had planned on rewiring it, but decided I would do it some other time.

I made another BLT and ate that while watching some DIY shows. Then I went to bed.


  1. The back gardens do look good. Where are the blackberries?

  2. All along the fence. Remember, we sawed them and the grape vines all down with that rented weed wacker that had the saw blade. I moved like six of them into the garden by the back wall and they are doing great.