Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monda Moanin'

I did manage to fall back asleep after the thunderstorm, but I was still tired on Monday morning.

It was a little cooler than usual on my morning walk.

I was almost out of coffee, so I left for lunch at 11:30 a.m. and went to Sam's Club. That was a bit tricky as they are resurfacing Newburgh Road between Warren and Ford Road. I grabbed my coffee and headed back, but this time I took Hix Road back to Warren.

I still needed some food, though, so I stopped at Culver's and got their North Atlantic Cod meal.

Sidebar: After Friday's fish and chips disaster at Time Out, I needed a good fish filet!

I got that to go and ate lunch at my desk.

It was a little hotter and more muggy in the afternoon.

When I got home, I left the truck outside. On my way in to treat the cat, I turned the air compressor on. I took care of Caley and changed my clothes.

Back in the garage, I used the nail gun to tack the 2x2's onto the 2x4's. Then I pre-drilled holes for the deck screws I wanted to use to securely attach them.

Unfortunately, the only long deck screws I have need a star-type drill bit. And, I couldn't find mine!!!


So, I put the tools away, shut off the compressor and pulled the truck in.

I warmed up the two leftover burgers. I skipped the cheese and onions and ate them with just mustard on the bun. I used the last of the BBQ chips as my side.

I started watching some taped TV, but fell asleep by 8:30 p.m.


  1. How is the cod at Culver's? I never had anything there that impressed me.

  2. It is excellent! As I said before, Vicky was NOT impressed with the burger, so I get your point. I guess it's a Don Christie kind of place for burgers. But the fish sandwich is perfect.

  3. BTW, I now have one near me. They are building out in front of both Menards and Home Depot on Middlebelt. So, I now have an Applebee's, a Culver's, a Jimmy John's and more, all withing a mile of me.

  4. Oh, and an Outback, too, if you're into Bloomin' Onions...