Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hump Day

The humidity was creeping back in on Wednesday. We hit a high of 91 degrees here in the D, so it wasn't pleasant.

I stopped on the way to work at Larry's Foodliner to buy a loaf of 12-Grain bread. I ran out yesterday, so today I ate some of the cantaloupe for breakfast.Trust me when I tell you, that didn't sooth my pill intake, at all...

I walked outside at 10:00 a.m. but it was uncomfortable.

I talked with Courtney (I thought she had said she had a relative who was an electrician) but it turned out it was her grandpa who was retired. But, she said she had a friend who worked on construction who did wiring.

Sidebar: I need the back wall of the garage wired so I can put insulation in, the quarter-inch plywood back up, the shelves back up and all the damn boxes unpacked and tools put away. I need my garage back!!!

Anyway, he's supposed to come over Friday night. I need to provide the materials, so I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch (it's kitty-corner from Lowe's). I ordered my favorite, the buffalo chicken sandwich. I made a mistake and switched out the fries with onion rings. I forgot that they (like Red Robin) use an extra crispy breading that hurts my mouth.

Sidebar: I guess it's just who ever the chef is, but this sandwich sometimes comes with shredded lettuce and sometimes not. I like the lettuce, but this time it wasn't there. Weird...

Then I went to Lowe's and got what I thought he might need.

I walked inside in the afternoon.

Back home after work, I began watering (again). I watered everything out back with the hose and then hooked it up to the soaker hose in the veggie garden. I had three cucumbers that had hit about six inches, so I harvested them.

Sidebar: I have noticed that if you let them get much larger than that, they get a bit tough and are mostly seeds, so I grab them young.

I watered the front container gardens with the watering can. I noticed the "Thrill" in both my container gardens were about dead from the heat.

Sidebar: I learned long ago that the best way to plant container gardens is the "Thrill" (a tall plant in back - I used a daisy variant I thought looked cool), the "Fill" (filler plants on either side - I used coleus) and the "Spill" (any plant that falls over in the front).

Anyway, I have to replace the back plants if there are any left in the garden centers.

I finished up around 7:00 p.m. I unhooked the hose and then stuck it into the reflecting pool to refresh it (and water the Japanese maple at the same time).

I went inside and warmed up the last of the sweet corn and another brat for dinner.

I watched some TV for a while and then went back out and turned the water off. I wound up the hose and buttoned up the back.

I went in and read a book until bedtime.


  1. I prefer the lettuce with buffalo chicken, as well, to help cut the heat.

  2. Me, too! We must be related or something...