Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hump Day

It was a little warmer on Wednesday. It keeps creeping up and supposed to be brutal this weekend (then again, its supposed to be that way almost everywhere in the country!)

I went to Big Boy for lunch and got a Slim Jim and fries for a change. Both tasted good.

I had an uncomfortable walk in the afternoon; hot, but the humidity wasn't bad.

So, when I got home after work, I putzed for a while, unloading the dishwasher and folding clothes from the dryer.

Sidebar: Those are my two biggest "fails" as a homeowner. I start the dryer or dishwasher, but then forget about it! My bad...

Then I went out in the garage. I pulled the truck back out and screwed in the sistered 2x2's.

But, it was bloody hot in the garage! So, I quit for now. Drywall will have to wait. I pulled the truck back inside, which triggered another whiny session with Caley, which only stopped when I gave her more treats.

I walked out back to check on the vegetable garden. I ate a couple cherry tomatoes and more sugar snap peas.

I had to laugh. When my neighbor was negotiating cukes for butternut squash, he said he would jump the fence and put plastic down between the garden and my fence.

Sidebar: I ignore the weeds as that's where the catnip I pluck for Caley grows.

Anyway, he did. But only under the cucumbers, not the yellow squash that he hates!

I grabbed more catnip and went inside.

I warmed up the last piece of catfish and the rest of the rice for my dinner.

I started watching "Red River" (a John Wayne movie on TCM) but fell asleep before the end.


  1. I am confused by your drywall project. I thought you were drywalling the new(?) back wall.

  2. No, I'm gonna put the original wood panels back up on the back wall. This is where I bumped the wall (well, not the wall, the brooms and stuff hanging from the hooks in front of the truck) with the truck a while back. It wasn't that hard, but the handles distributed the force and cracked the p*ss out of the drywall.