Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hump Day

I took the trash out to the road on Wednesday (4th of July bumped up my pickup day) and then went to work. It was 70+ degrees and muggy already.

I walked outside at 10:00 a.m. but I didn't like it!

Sidebar: I'm more of a Spring and Fall kinda guy. While I don't like it too cold, I hate it when its too hot!

With all my little restaurants closed for vacation, I went to Ruby Tuesday. I got my usual: the buffalo chicken sandwich and fries, with a side of extra blue cheese dressing. I skip the tomato and pickle and just get the cheese and lettuce.

It comes with three huge chicken tenders, which makes the bun unwieldy. So, I take one off at the beginning and eat it with the side sauce.

I switched up from my usual water to lemonade. It seemed like a summer-time drink.

Sidebar: My favorite lemonade was the one my sister-in-law Jean made when I was a kid. It was fresh-squeezed, with slices of lemon floating in it. It was fantastic and I have never tasted any better in my life!

It was too damn hot to walk outside in the afternoon so I walked around inside the building, much to the amusement of my co-workers. But, most of them were here when I had my rolling walker and that damn brace, so they understand why I have to do it.

When I got home, I dragged in the trash can and got the mail. Then I changed clothes after treating the cat.

I went out to the garage and got the right screwdriver. Then I got the fan down!

I rigged up a temporary light until I can rewire the new light fixture.

I peeled my last four russet potatoes and cut them in cubes. I popped them into my Dutch oven and topped them with a bag of sauerkraut. Then I sliced a ring of kielbasa on the diagonal and put them on top the sauerkraut. I brought it to a boil and then turned it to low.

I went and watched the end of the news. I checked the potatoes and, when they were tender, I dished up a big plate of food. I ate the sausage with Dijon mustard and the potatoes with butter and had and excellent meal.

I watched a taped show from PBS about the early Greeks and then went to bed.


  1. what is wrong with the fan?

  2. There is nothing wrong with the fan and it will get a new home. But, I have another fixture I bought at an antique shop a few years back I want to install.

  3. Nice job with the fan. I was wondering how you were going to accomplish that alone.

  4. Trust me, I damn near killed myself doing it alone. It was only hanging by the wires and I had to catch it (standing on the step ladder) when I finished disconnecting them.