Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finally Friday

It was cooler and cloudy on Friday, with a chance of thunderstorms.

I finally broke down and admitted I can't find the bike title, so I spent $16.00 online to apply for a new one. Then I suppose I'll spend half a day at the Credit Union getting them to release the lein.

I called to bitch about my water bill. Last time it was $69.00. Last year at this time it was $75.00. This time it was $174.00! The lady said Detroit had raised their rates, so Redford had to as well.

Okay, so no more watering, dammit!

Vicky asked Courtney and me if we wanted to go to lunch. Courtney said she and Mike (her husband) had planned on going to Time Out, so we agreed to all meet there.

But, when lunchtime came, Mike had bailed. Apparently, today is national buffalo chicken day. To celebrate, Buffalo Wings has some fantastic deal going on. So, his company decided to have a working lunch there.

So, the three of us walked over to Time Out.

Sidebar: Yes, we walked (groan). They decided it would be a good way to work off bar food, because they both missed going to the gym. My knee didn't agree with that, but WTF?

Courtney and I ordered the chicken quesadillas while Vicky stuck with the fish and chips. I asked her how they tasted. She said they tasted different, but still good. I'm not sold on them, yet.

The afternoon passed with no rain here. I guess it hammered Detroit though (the Southfield freeway was shut down due to flooding, for example). Just my luck...

I got a text from the electrician saying he couldn't make it tonight. Something came up and he had to work overtime. He said he would get back to me on Sunday and let me know his schedule for next week.

So, that gave me a few more days to figure this out myself...

It sprinkled on the way home, but no real rain.

It was a payday, so I spent some time on the computer with bills. Then I did the grocery list and the ToDo list for the weekend.

I made tuna and peas and served them over egg noodles for dinner.

I watched a movie and then went to bed.


  1. “the Southfield freeway was shut down due to flooding”

    I only lived in Dearborn Heights until I was four, but I vividly remember the street I lived on would flood so much that people would raft down it. 36 years later, it’s weird to think no one’s come up with a solution for that problem yet.

  2. Agreed. One would think traffic spikes would be easy enough to install and stop any nefarious rafters.

  3. Well, here's my take on it. President Eisenhower (who I actually remember) was the Supreme Commander of the allied forces in WWII. He realized, after dealing with too small bridges for tanks, etc. in Germany, that, after the war, America was vulnerable from moving war material from one coast to another. So, he instituted expressways, for troop and material movement (you can probably Google this, but I remember).

    Anyway, I don't know if they were in a hurry to comply, or forgot that most of Michigan used to be a swamp (the pioneers drained it which is why the ground is so fertile) but somewhere along the line, they screwed up. Not enough base rock or something.

    People will tell you its because of the frost, etc., but you go into Canada and the same old roads don't have pot holes, or bad drainage.

    I-94 has the same problem downtown when it rains heavy in the D. I think that they just put the storm drains below the level of drainage.

  4. I haven’t googled anything, yet, but what you say makes me wonder if Henry Ford had something to do with Michigan’s roads not being fixed. Ford was the only Michigander (actually, the only American) mentioned in a positive way in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, because Ford was a Hitler supporter and vice versa.

  5. @ Jyl: Don't encourage him, please...